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 To peacefully demonstrate in front of the White House
President Mubarak of Egypt will visit the USA for the first time in five years and meet with President Obama in the White House on Tuesday, 8/18/09. 

During Mubarak rule of 28 years, there have been more than 1500 violent attacks against the Egyptian Christians (Copts) which resulted in loss of lives, injuries and destruction of churches and property.


Direction to the demo site 

Lately, such attacks increased significantly in frequency and severity and the attacking criminals are encouraged by the total impunity as the government does not/not prosecute them.

In the rare cases when the cases went to trials, as a face saving by the government, the charges were dismissed by the fanatic judges regardless of graveness of the crime and the overwhelming evidence.

To protest this blatant discrimination, demand justice and rule of law, the American Copts will hold a peaceful demonstration in front of the White House, on Pennsylvania Ave., between Madison and 15 Streets, from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Please come, invite others, and join us.

This is your moral responsibility and an opportunity to condemn injustice and murder of non-Muslims (specially Christians and Jews) in Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, Yemen, Gaza and West Bank, Somalia, ...........   and protest the increasing influence of militant Islam in America.

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