It Was True, US Embassy staff demanded conversion to Islam Cert. from Nonie Darwish husband.


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Small Details that one might miss in the Darwash Book One of the great things about this book is that we see minor details that we bandy about. The Duck relies on outsiders and tends to dismiss anything not produced by Vomwads like Fanon, Chimpanzee or other Marxist stooges.  

I have previously spoken of my connection to the Coptic community of NJ. My friends speak of the injustices they endure in Egypt. I ask them why they do not speak out and always get the same response “You do not understand ".

There is some truth to the learned helplessness in the book depicted by Darwash and some fear for the community in Egypt. I will state that in NYC I have been mistaken for a Copt when I have brought up the subject of Muslim oppression of Christians. I have most often been accused of being an Assyrian by Muslims and leftists.

How or why a person would want to assume a Jewish alias while being an Assyrian or a Copt remains unknown.

The fact that I have alabaster skin, green eyes and bear zero resemblance to either is also a mystery. I do not take offense at being mistaken for a Copt or Assyrian. My reaction is one of astonishment and amazement. Yet leftist and Jihadists are prone to conspiracy theories and deception so we shouldn't be surprised.

I am waiting for Ducky to claimthe Rosenberg's had a different definition of patriotism, one that includes treason. An important story that one will probably miss is Darwash's account of harassment by a former coworker who was a US embassy employee in Egypt. We have heard some storiesabout this around six months ago.

This coworker demanded to see the conversion certificate of Darwash's Coptic husband and asked is he a good Muslim. This employee has violated US law and has no right to ask these questions.

This is yet another account of the harassment of Copts in the US embassy in Egypt. The problem should have been solved by know but the State Department hires leftists who are fed a diet of Chomsky, Fanon and Marx and are expected to behave like adults.

Hopefully, the next administration Rudy or Mayor Mike, will take an axe to the State Department. Cut out all the leftists and start hiring business grads. The USA is ill served by sending graduates of Stalinist University Gulags who are spoon-fed Marcuse, Marx and Marijuana.

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