Dr. Samir graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University in 1971. He traveled to England where he studied and gained the membership then Fellowship of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.  During that time, he worked in several UK hospitals. He was a capable wise and caring doctor. He was greatly loved and appreciated by his patients, colleagues and healthcare professionals. He climbed the ladder step by step until he reached the top when he was appointed in the rank of a consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician, which he continued until retirement.

Dr. Samir was an active servant of God who actively contributed to the Archangel Michael meeting with Late Dr. Mohsen Naguib. They offered the help and support to the youth and new comers to the UK. He regularly offered love, food, money and help to support the needy. He also actively served in Sunday school meetings with great dedication and love to the children. He also led the youth meeting and spent a great effort in chasing the youth to be involved in spiritual life with our Lord.  He is known for acts of mercy with financial support to new entrants to the Christian faith. He did not only contribute but he raised funds for regular support.

Dr. Samir enjoyed solitude with the Lord, and made spending time with Him his top priority. He would literally 'devour' the bible and actively trained himself to memorize scripture. He firmly believed that that the word of God is spirit and life. He thirsted for Jesus and was always keen to share the word of God. He believed strongly in the provision and protection of the Lord, and never sought to protect himself or his life, even during the most challenging times. He led a  very simple life, focusing more on the spirit than body.

Dr. Samir 's home was one where others found love, safety, warmth and kindness.   He is survived by his wife Seham, his daughter Caroline, who is married to Dr. Michael Seifen and his son Michael, an electronic engineer, who is engaged to Marian Labib.

The soul of Dr. Samir returned to God the Creator. Our faith is that there is no death in Christianity but a transfer from the world of trouble and pain, to the world of peace and joy. May he rest in peace with the saints




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