Ibrahim Eissa Dismissed from Dostor , The Boldest Egyptian Newspaper Is Near to Closing Down

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information is deeply disturbed by the shocking news that the owners of Dostor decided to dismiss Ibrahim Eissa , editor, on 4/10/2010 in a rather unexpectedly early move, however,  Indicators pointed in that direction.

It is believed that the article of el-Baradei is the reason behind the dismissal , yet millions of Egyptians readers were expecting that the new owner, el-Sayed el-Badawy , will take this decision. The dismissal decision was taken a few hours after his official possession of the newspaper. El-Badawy issued the decision and forwarded it to the Supreme Council of the Press without caring to notify Eissa first.

It is certain that there is a will to silence this newspaper. Worker moved all computer and equipment at dawn from the newspaper premises. Journalists were shocked this morning to find their rooms empty. Some journalists protested to such arbitrary policy, but they were insulted by the new management.

Ibrahim Mansour, executive editor, said,” It was known before hand that al-Badawy will fail his promises to commit to the newspaper policy , that which he pledged two months ago when he bought the newspaper. This measure is to silence the newspaper that has ever supported democracy and stood for Egyptians’ rights”.

Gamal Eid, ANHRI executive director , said,” it is not a coincidence that this paper is gagged on the same day the NDP announce their candidates’ lists of the public elections running in weeks’ time. Thee dismissal decision is but a token of gratitude from al-Badawy to the government”.

The Arabic Network is deeply worried that the Egyptian and Arab citizens will be left without  this bold newspaper that always stood for rights and dignity. The Arabic Network offers complete support to Ibrahim Eissa and all journalists of Dostor who always rang the bell against oppression and corruption in Egypt and the Arab world

El-Baradei’s article that led to the dismissal decision

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