Memorial service for the martyrs of Church of Deliverance Massacre 31 October 2010 

At Holy Trinity Church4 Brook Green, London, W6 7BL

On 12 November 2010

Iraqi memorial 3


  • Father Nizar Samaan in his sermon: History will disgrace all of us if we do not expose to the world what happened, raise our voice, condemn the killing, and do our best to prevent it happening again. 
  • We all for Iraq and Iraq for all of us, we will not leave Iraq and will not allow terrorism to win. 
  • The murderers are not the only responsible for the massacre but who ever incites them are equally responsible. 
  • We need to hear condemnation not only from politicians but now we need Islamic Authorities Fatwas to say killing the innocent of what ever religion is forbidden in Islam. Fatwa’s are issued for trivial matters but this is very important issue and we need to hear Fatwa now.


Iraqi memorial 1 
Bishops and priests from Arabic and British churches
Iraqi memorial 2
Iraqis including Shei'at clerk and participants from other Arabic churchs and British churches
Iraqi memorial 4

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