Egyptian Demo in front of the Egyptian embassy London 22 May 2011

Muslims and Christian deman Justice and Equality to all

and an end to the unjust reconcelliation session and return of innocent impisoned individuals

Who were arrested in to be used as bargining chips.


Baroness Caroline Cox member of the House of Lords with protesters 

Demonstrating Egyptans demads:Copy of the letter to the Egyptian Supreme Military Council 

1- We, the protesters would like to express our admiration to the Youth revolution of

th January 2011 and the principle of the Egypt as a Secular State to all

Egyptians all with Equal dignity, rights and obligation in under the Egyptian

secular law.

2- We, the protesters would like to reject all forms of violence, intimidation and

discrimination practiced against any member of the Egyptian society; any

encroachments must be dealt with according to the Civil Law alone.

3- We, the protesters totally reject the government sponsored reconciliation session

where the victim is forced to reconcile without restitution of rights, with the

criminal the perpetrator of violence; this resulted in a culture of impunity and

escalating violence against Copts.

4- We, the protesters would like demand the arrest of all who incited violence

regardless of their religious status.

5- We, the protesters demand an end to the policy of applying balances and the

immediate release of innocent used as a barging chip to achieve reconciliation and

the immediate release of the people who used fire arms in self defense. Self

defense is considered legitimate in all laws.

6- The safety and security of citizen is the responsibility of the governments. We

demand the Egyptian government to show seriousness in protecting all citizens

including the minorities.

7- We, the protesters demand the reopening of the closed churches and speedy

completion the Unified Law of Building of Places of Worship.

8- We, the protesters would like to ask for laws to criminalise all forms of

discrimination to be produced and applied fairly on all citizens in Egypt.




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