Egyptian Minister Zakzuk Removed Woman with Headscarf from Meeting



Egyptian Minister on vakuf (religious property), Makhmud Khamdi Zakzuk, demanded to remove adviser on religious affairs from meeting refused to take off her headscarf (Muslim women’s head wearing), RIA “Novosti informs referring to information spread by Egyptian mass media. 

Murshida (teacher and adviser on religious issues appointed by Minister of vakuf of Egypt for education work among population) was asked to take off her headscarf before the meeting or to leave the meeting hall. Woman refused and left meeting.   

“I completely deny nikab especially when it concerns representatives of the ministry. Murshds shouldn’t wear it as it is not in accordance with sharia (Islamic legislation), Zakzuk said”He also added that “woman in nikab can’t be involved in religious enlightenment among population for being ignorant”.  

Minister urged imams (heads of Muslim communities, spiritual leaders) to restore discussion on nikab and to issue order (fetva) prohibiting its wearing. Recently in Egypt disputes on headscarves completely covering face of women have been going on.  

At the same time majority of Egyptian women wear hijab (headscarf covering hears but not covering face). 

Late 2006 Minister of culture of the country, Faruk Khosni, was criticized by publicity for his saying concerning Muslim women’s headscarf. Khosni called wearing of khijab obscurantism and lost his post; he had to give repeated explanations before the parliament of the country.

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