Tarek Heggy's books

While Tarek Heggy's first book was published in Morocco in April,1978, his
18th book in Arabic was published in cairo a few days ago. The title of
the new book is "DANAT", a word that has two different meaning in
classical Arabic : "Pearls" or "Shells" (cannon's Shells). This new book
is now available at the bookshop of the publisher (Dar al Horryiah, 4
Mohamed Bek Assem street, Shobra, opposite al-Mahabba bookshop, Telephone :
02-2578-1047, Fax : 02-2576-2728, e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
Site : http://www.alhorriyiea.com ).Please find attached a list of Tarek
Heggy's other books in Arabic that are also available at "Dar al Horryiah"
bookshop :

Marxist Ideas In Balance. 1978
Communism And Religion. 1980
My Experience With Marxism. 1983
What is to be done? 1986
The Four Idols. 1988
The Trinity of Destruction. 1990
Egypt between two Earthquakes. 1991
The Fateful Transformation. 1993
Reflections on Egypt 's Realities. 1995
Critique of the Arab Mind. 1998
Culture First and Foremost. 2000
The Values of Progress. 2001
On the Egyptian Mind. 2003
Margins on The Egyptian Mind. 2004
Modern Management in the Arab Societies. 2006
The Imprisonment of the Arab Mind. 2009
Our Culture Between Illusion and Reality. 2009

For articles by the author in English, please visit the following sites :
http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/author/Tarek+Heggy +
http://www.tarek-heggy.com/English-essays-main.htm +

For articles by the same author in French & Arabic :

With best regards,
Ahmed Ammar,
Head of Tarek Heggy's Press Office.

Tarek Heggy.

* Distinguished Senior Fellow at The Gatestone Institute, New York.
* A visiting Professor at several world-class universities.
* A barrister-at-law before the Supreme Court of Egypt.
* Former Chairman & CEO of Shell Oil Companies.
* 2008 winner of the Italian cultural prize Grinzane Cavour.
* Author of 19 books in Arabic (ten of which have been translated into
English, French & Italian).
* Co-Founder : Chair of Coptic Studies at The American University in Cairo
* Co-Founder of "Tarek Heggy's Scholarship in Jewish Studies at Toronto
* A member of Egypt Writers Association.
* A former member of the advisory Board of the RAND Organization "Centre
for Middle East Public Policy" of the initiative for Middle Eastern Youth
* A former member of the advisory Board of Just Journalism (UK).
* A former member of Egypt Supreme Culture Council (Management Sciences
* A former board member of The Egyptian Society for Historic Studies.
* A former member of the board of trustees of the MSA University (Egypt).
* A former member of the board of The Faculty of Economics and Political
Sciences of Cairo University.
* A former member of the board of The Middle East Research Centre of Ain
Shams University (Cairo.)
* The former Vice President of The Arab Management Society.
* The former Chairman of Heliopolis Library.
* From 1973 till 1979 : Ass. Professor at Constantine University/Algeria
and The University of Fes/Morocco.

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