ANHRI calls the Egyptian authorities to

 listen to the economic, social demands of the citizens and meet them instead of

arresting the peaceful protesters who protest

Cairo, August 12, 2012
ANHRI calls the Egyptian authorities to meet the economic and social needs of the citizens and promote the communication between them and the Egyptian citizens who want to reap the fruits of their revolution. It calls also to ensure their right to freedom of expression and protest the mass of peaceful demonstration instead of arrest due to the exercise of the legitimate right to express their opinions.

That comes after the campaign launched by the Egyptian authorities against citizens who peacefully protest against the policies of the President of the Republic and the new government, after the increase of arrests among people who have the complaints, or opposition to poor services.
Heliopolis public prosection, renew the imprisonment of 4 defendants;  “Nahed Mohammed Ali Negm” (28 years), “Ahmed Mohammed Al-Habashi” (33 years), “Mahmoud Abdel-Fattah Youssef” (51 years) and “Ahmed Ramadan Abdul Momin “(20 years), for 15 days pending investigations due to charges for deliberate destruction, assembling, insulting the President of the Republic and the attack on his convoy, during the exit from the Palace of the Elthadia in Heliopolis as they were on their way to make complaints to the Ombudsman’s office in the presidential palace.
As decreed by the Court of Mansoura continued incarceration of : “Khalid Mohammed Abu El-Maged” (42 years), “Tamer Abdullah Mohammed barbaric” (38 years), “Salah Yusuf Raza” (20 years), “Muhammad Muhammad Farooq Leithy “(36 years), ” Al-Awadi, Rajab Mohammad Rashad “(24 years), “Ahmad Jamal “(24 years), and “Mohamed Atta Al-Hassan “(28 years), as they allegedly cut the road off (AGA – Ghamr), for a period of fifteen days pending investigations, and the defendants were arrested while they were cutting off the road in protest at the establishment of speed bumps after the crash that killed one person and wounding 5 others.
In addition, the security services arrested 6 people and accused them of vital facilities disrupt and damage the interests of the citizens after they cut the railway before the village, Abbasid Maghagha center as they protested against power cuts.
ANHRI said that “the peaceful protest is a right guaranteed by all international conventions and treaties which signed by Egypt, and it is the right of citizens to express their views in all peaceful means, without being harmed.”
ANHARI added that “It is a pity after the great revolution such those took place in Egypt, that the authorities continue to follow the same approach against opponents of the suppressive policies of the state bodies”
ANHRI calls for  the immediate release of all those arrested in these events and the events like it,  if the Egyptian authorities want to provide a different face of how to deal with dissidents after the revolution Jan. 25.

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