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We at the United Copts totally and categorically reject the new constitutional declaration made by Mr Morsi, the Egyptian president, issued on Thursday 22nd November 2012. We also reject any violence that ensued and any state conducted abuses against peaceful demonstrators. This statement is a blatant assault at the legal system, human rights and civil liberties.

The declaration came in 7 articles, none of which were discussed with the broad political powers present in Egypt post 25th January revolution. It also seems that a lot of the presidential advisors weren't involved in formulating the declaration. 

The first articles that require the opening of all investigations in the murder of protestors lacks legitimacy and contradicts the principles of power separation. It also opens the door for acquitting criminals already tried and convicted such as the Ex-President Mr Mubarak.

Sweeping powers granted by the second article and immunising them against judiciary appeal or review transforms the Egyptian political system to an openly dictatorial big brother state.

These unjustified authoritarian measures pave the way to a fascist monopoly of power by the Muslim brotherhood. The unprecedented interference in the judiciary seen in the relief of the current attorney general and the appointment another by the executive authority represented in Mr Morsi leads to politicising the extraordinary role played by the Attorney General hence negating the separation of powers.

We reject the immunisation of the constituent assembly established in 30th march because again it was hijacked by members of the Islamist political parties and lacked fair representation of the various shades of the Egyptian society.

This was evident in the latest meeting, which was attended by 26 members only after more than half of the members stood down due to its polarisation and inadequacy as a modern constitution. Safe-guarding the shura council lays the first stone in making it a puppet in the hand of the executive authority rendering any legislative power it possesses questionable.

The sixth article is shrouded in ambiguity and may enable the president to take measures that serve his or the Muslim brotherhood's interest under the false pretence of guarding the revolution. This can lead to the prosecution of political dissidents and curbing the freedom of the press curtailing any opposition.

These extraordinary measures are slowly transforming an important country in the Middle East to a 21st century fascist and dictatorial theocracy.

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