The Liberated Shall stand in solidarity with those aspiring Liberation


Anonymous can not, and will not stand idly while people are being denied their basic rights and human liberties. The people of Egypt have shown to the world the power of their struggle. Indeed they could force the ex-president, Mubarak, to step aside, and also force the ruling generals to conduct the sought elections, yielding the current president of Egypt, Dr. Muhammad Morsi. However, Dr. Morsi has repeatedly shown how lack of care about the core values of democracy. Through elections he has reached to power because the people had to choose between him and the old regime. But now, Dr. Morsi is gradually grasping more and more authoritarian powers in his hands, attacking the whole concept of democracy. His latest constitutional declaration has given him the powers of a pharaoh and appointing him as the new God of Egypt.

The people of Egypt have been demanding: Bread [livelihood], Freedom, Social Justice, and Human Dignity. However those demands are less and less achievable under such circumstances.

To Dr. Morsi: Anonymous will not sit by and watch you washing away what thousands of Egyptians got killed and injured for. It's your duty to listen to your own people. The decisions you made have cause the death of 3 young Egyptians in addition to hundreds more injured. In addition, your organized propaganda is portraying your legitimate opposition as if they are opposing the revolution, which you are destroying. We challenge your propaganda machine. When you ignore this message, not only will we attack your organization's websites, Anonymous will also make sure that you stand exposed against your people as well as the international community. Anonymous will not spare anybody who supports such crimes. It's in your hands to stop this: continue hardening your head and you will be subject to civil protest - lend an ear to the claim of freedom from your people and the hostilities will cease.

It is our duty to show our solidarity to the people of Egypt now, as we all did two years ago.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

Operation Egypt

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