Statement from United Copts GB

Regarding cowardly attack by Muslim Brothers on peaceful demonstrator  

around Presidential palace  

With deep sadness we announce that today humanity has further descended into barbarism. The global conscience will continue to bear the burden of what is happening in the beloved Egypt for the foreseeable future.  

The blood that is flowing through the streets surrounding the Ithadiya presidential palace serves as a witness to the crimes committed by political Islam and that it has no place in modern democracy.  

We continue to mourn those killed today in cold blood by the militias and mercenaries who belong to political Islam. Their memory will live on as we continue to work for the freedom and dignity of the Egyptian people. We also in the strongest terms possible declare our unequivocal support for the current civil disobedience and peaceful protesting at the unjust political system and its measures to enslave the Egyptians.  

United Copts will continue to aspire to see Egypt a home welcoming of all regardless of their religious belief, gender, ethnicity or age. We join all of the civilIan bodies and organisations in the rejection of holding Egyptian people hostage and forcing them to chose between the rock of the constitutional declaration and the hard place of the constitution.



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