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Family in Egypt get 15 years imprisonment for conversion from Islam.

The Family of 8 has no legal means to convert from Islam in Egypt while the constitution guarantee Freedom of Religion.

Beni Suef Criminal Court, Egypt today sentenced a family of 8 to 15 years imprisonment for changing religion from Islam to Christianity also 7 government employees were sentenced to 5 years. 

In Egypt in spite of the constitution states that freedom of Religion is guaranteed, there is no legal means to change religion from Islam however all legal door are open to change to convert to Islam, conversion to Islam is encouraged. Convert from Islam have only one way to change their legal document which is fraud which end them in prison. 

The court today headed by judges Ashraf Nabi Shaheen and Tamer Abdel Rahman had ruled to punish all of Nadia Mohamed and her children Mohab, Majid, Sharif, Amira, Amir, Nancy and Ahmed Mohamed Abdel Wahab Mustafa by rigorous imprisonment for 15 years.

The court also ruled to impose 5 years imprisonment for each of Nabil Adly Hanna, Ayad Naguib Ayad, Hany Bebawy Riad Fanous, Amjad Awad Bebawy Mikhail, Shehata and Wahba Gabriel 60 years, Mohamed Ewis Jawad and Dr. Mohammed Abdul Barrawi.

The fraud goes back to the year 2004 - 2006, where the Nadia Mohamed Ali and her 7 children with the help of 7 others employees of the local unit and the Office of Health Beni Suef and local Muslim doctor agreement to help on forging official documents to facilitate obtaining National Number Cards to carry their desired Christians names and identity.

The investigations conducted by the prosecution confirmed that Nadia Mohamed Ali was a Christian and converted to Islam 23 years ago, and married father of her children Mohammed Abdel Wahab Mustafa, who was working car mechanic Sharkia, and died in 1991 after she gave birth 7 sons and daughters who decided to return to Christianity and changed her religion and religion and her adult children.

All previous cases of changing religion for Islam to Christianity using legal means failed, Mohamed Ahmed Hegazy conversion was rejected by judge El-Hussini who announced that Muslims cannot change to Christianity as Islam is superior to Christianity and came to supercede it, the last case in 2009 was Maher El-Gowhary the court rejected his application to change his religion on official document and considered his conversion from Islam threat to the Egypt national security.

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