Egypt women's council slams Islamist rejection of UN rights document

Head of Egypt's Women's Rights Council criticises Muslim Brotherhood's negative stance regarding controversial UN declaration on women's rights

Egypt's official women's rights council says Islamists who reject a UN blueprint to combat violence against women and girls are promoting the idea that Islam favors violence against women. 

Last week, 131 countries at the United Nations approved the non-binding document to combat violence against women and girls. Egypt's ruling Muslim Brotherhood strongly objected to the document, saying it clashed with Islamic principles and sought to destroy the family.

At a news conference in Cairo on Thursday, the head of the women's council, Mervat Tellawy, called on the Brotherhood to stop using religion as a basis for promoting its agenda.

The US document has raised controversy in the Arab world because among other things, it recommits governments to comprehensive sex education and calls for safe abortion for victims of violence.

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