Copt groups in UK protest to stop 'human rights violations' in Egypt

Coptic organisations in the UK stage a demonstration in London on Saturday against "barbaric" human rights violations in Egypt

Amer Sultan in London , Saturday 20 Apr 2013

Demonstrating before the House of Lords, the upper chamber of the UK parliament, Christian protesters called on the UK and other world powers to put pressure on the Egyptian government to stop “the persecution of liberal and religious minorities” in Egypt.


The organisers of the demo included Coptic organisations such as United Copts, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, and United Action for Egyptian Christians.

The organisers said they are protesting against all violations of human rights in Egypt.

“We invited all Egyptians and freedom loving people in UK to express grave concern over the kind of human rights [regime] in Egypt,” Ibrahim Habib, from United Copts, told Ahram Online.

Habib rejected calls made by some Copts in the West for international protection for Christians in Egypt.

“We are against any military intervention in Egypt,” Habib said, calling the UK and other big powers to “put more diplomatic pressures on the Egyptian authorities to stop its new fascist and Neo-Nazi regime."

Habib accused the ruling Muslim Brotherhood of “attacking freedoms, muzzling of free press, and committing barbaric crimes against the opposition."

United Copts, Habib continued, hold the Egyptian government responsible for “the attack against the Cairo [Coptic] Cathedral,” adding that “the government is associating itself with criminal elements and protecting them.”

A number of liberal activists participated in the demo.

Protesters claimed Egyptian authorities “are undermining and Islamising the judiciary.”

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