Terrorists are alive and well and living among us

by Gretchen Barrett

Jihad! Terrorist! Radical Islamist! Are those words difficult to pronounce? Apparently, the administration and the mainstream media are unable to let those terms pass their lips. Since the Boston Marathon bombings, the brothers have been proven to be actual terrorists via emails, Facebook postings, interviews with relatives and indisputable evidence, such as munitions strapped to the body of the elder of the two.

In spite of all that, the president and his minions continue to find excuses for this horrendous attack on Americans: They weren’t treated fairly in America (they were on welfare); one of them may have suffered brain damage from boxing; this was an isolated incident not connected to any group. May I point out that if a person has a terrorist’s mindset, he doesn’t necessarily have to belong to a terrorist group. However, it seems these boys (as they are being called) apparently did have ties to a larger group. And they are men, not boys.

The Fort Hood murderer, Maj. Nidal Malik Hassan, has never had a trial, but is receiving special dispensations as a Muslim, and he has never been called a terrorist. This occurs despite the fact that he had shown videos promoting terrorism and called out to Allah as he was killing 13 soldiers. According to President Barack Obama, this was an incidence of workplace violence.

Osama bin Laden is dead. Great, but radical Islam is alive and well and living in our midst. The FBI and CIA are aware of Jihadist cells all over our country. Why is this administration, and its compliant media, unwilling to acknowledge this and start dealing with the threat to all Americans? I urge everyone to turn off the reality TV shows and wake up to the reality of the enormous problems we have in this country.

Joyce Delp


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