What the Egyptian press has not published

This week, Egypt witnessed three events have not received the desired media attention,

First: several hundreds of Salafis demonstrated last Thursday evening in front of the headquarter of the National Security (the former name: State Security) to denounce what they called the return of prosecutions of persons belonging to religious stream, their pretext was that the National Security Agency Sent requests to attend some activists affiliated with the stream of political Islam in the previous period

But, Monitoring the events, clear that the main objective of these demonstrations and protests is to bring down the National Security Agency and weaken it as what happened to the Interior Ministry during the revolution of January 2011, especially those protests came after attacks on Copts by Salafist groups and throwing Molotov cocktails at the church in Wasta City (in Bani Swaif Province)

What is worth mentioned, that the events of Wasta city happened after a Muslim young woman married to a Christian young man and escaped to Turkey in March, 2013.

And despite the church stressed that it did not know anything about them but Muslim people in Wasta insisted to punish all the Christian by closing and burning the shops and threaten to kidnap the Christian women until returning the Muslim woman.

And, instead of the duty entrusted with the government is to protect its citizens it arrested on the family of the young man accused of hiding the Muslim woman and the renewal of incarceration for 45 days pleasing to the people of that region, but the government did n`t do the same thing , when a Christian girl ( called Selvana Albert Ezzi ) disappeared and her family accused a salafist man ( called Ehab ) despite her family gave the Police information about the place ( agricultural area near from their house ) that the girl and other Christian girls are hidden in and were married to Muslim extremists men by force , the police didn`t even follow the mobile of the girl to know where is the girl or go to that place to search for the girl.

Second News : which calls for more concern is that the English teacher in one of the secondary schools in Alexandria belonged to the Brotherhood Prevented a schoolgirl named Hagar Tariq from doing the exam on the grounds that her clothes are not conformed to Islamic law, despite the fact that the girl wears a headscarf, but the teacher saw from his point of view it is not enough and she must be more indecent ,

The mentioned teacher has been assigned to the administrative investigate.

In light of these events, we see that the National Security is the common denominator, which follows , monitors and sends information without direct intervention, which is not satisfied to those anarchists who wish to work outside the law and the constitutional legitimacy, which explains why political Islam groups , kicked off on Thursday evening for demonstrations , that is in reality was for dropping the National Security agency .

The attached photo for Hagar Tariq , the schoolgirl that was prevented from doing the exam ,

Mamdouh Nakhlah

Chairman of Al kalema center for human rights


Cairo 3-5-2013

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