European Union of Coptic Organisations statement
The European Union of Coptic organizations denounces the acts of oppression and torture against the Copts at the hands of the prejudiced regime of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Copts are taken hostages in prisons after being arrested under fabricated charges. An example is the case of Ms. Souad Botros who was imprisoned in Minya general prison and put in solitary confinement, despite the risks that this incurs on her life due to her suffering from a number of illnesses. Ms. Soad is being treated as a hostage and is falsely accused of the corruption of a Muslim girl whom was rumored to have converted to Christianity in order to marry Ms Soad’s son Ibraam. These rumors are unfounded and it is reported that the girl’s family are fully aware of the girl’s whereabouts. That girl is a 21 year old consenting adult and it is also known that she has married a young Muslim man.

In line with the oppressive policy of the Muslim Brotherhood regime Ibraam’s father Zaki Tawfik and cousin Peter Bahij have also been arrested by the authorities and have been put in Fayoum prison. They too are suffering ill-treatment, which threatens their lives.
The prejudiced regime of the Muslim Brotherhood mimics the style of criminals and bandits. They arrest fathers, mothers and cousins holding them hostages under the false pretenses of helping a Muslim girl to convert to Christianity which isn't a crime under Egyptian law. The girl is question is a consenting adult while in contrast, underage girls are kidnapped and raped under the banner of marriage followed by forcing these underage girls to enter Islam. This happens under the watchful eyes of the authorities and the blessing from Muslim Brotherhood ran state institutions accompanied with vicious disregard for Human Rights.

Therefore, the European Union of Coptic organizations asks honorable Egyptians to help put the pressure on the Egyptian regime to release the Coptic hostages held without a legitimate charge in the prisons of Minya and Fayoum. We also appeal to the international community to condemn this explicitly for this is a corrupt system, which works only to spread discrimination amongst Egyptian people. It is our duty as Egyptians and human rights activists that we expose these crimes, which releases statements that are not implemented on the ground and we will continue to liaise with governments and international organizations such as the European Parliament to curb the oppression of the Muslim Brotherhood.

President of the Union: Medhat Necklace

Vice President: Ibrahim Habib

General Coordinator: Magdi Youssef

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