Sources in the CIA: The Islamic brotherhood are now using heavy gun fire against Egyptian army in demonstrations

While Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya are reporting that thousands of their supporters were injured yesterday, claiming that the demonstrators were unarmed and only used mild force in an effort to defend themselves, Sources from the CIA confirmed that the truth is very far from what they are describing. In the mean time while the Obama administration is doubting the truth behind the brotherhood claims, the Turkish PM Erdogan attacked the US, the UN and Europe for not helping the “innocent civilians” being massacred by the Egyptian government.

Following the American president Barack Obama demanded the CIA and other Intelligence and evaluation groups to provide him with accurate information about what is really going on in Egypt, the intelligence agencies made great effort and are operating on a daily basis many of their humint resources in the bleeding country. The sources provided photos and videos from the riots and from staging area showing that large numbers, up to thousands, of Morsi supporters in these demonstrations are carries fire arms of different types, mostly pistols but also some automatic and semi-automatic firearms. Another indication from different sources pointed the use of hand grenades in some cases against police forces. Fortunately for the Egyptian police since the distance between the police and the demonstrators is rather big, the grenades exploded far enough from the Police forces, not causing any damage. Another source indicated that the army had to shoot at the crowd in the Morsi supporters a rally in Nasser City after a group of 40 man pulled 3 cops into the crowd and tried to lynch them, stabbing them and beating their heads with rocks.

Hamas involves more and more in the fighting, Al Muslimani is trying to avoid the discussion about his close relations with them.

Some unverified reports also suggest that hundreds of the Hamas members who fight in the Sinai peninsula had joined the clashes in Cairo demonstrating side by side with Morsi supporters and participating in the armed attacks on the Police and army forces. This situation where the Hamas is actively fighting the Egyptian security forces from within the main cities put the presidential adviser, Ahmed Al Muslimani, Between a rock and a hard place. Al Muslimani is a vocal supporter of the Hamas and is also in very close friendship relations with many of the Hamas leaders in the Gaza strip (More information on that matter can be found in the following article:

Official site of the Islamic brotherhood reported earlier today that the Egyptian security forces opened fire on supporters of Morsi  in Cairo. They site also reports that about 4,500 demonstrators got injured, some of them badly and critical, during clashes with the army and police. Islamic Brotherhood spokesman: “They did not shoot to wound, they shot to kill.”


Getting back to the trail of terror

The large number of casualties will probably be used by the Islamic brotherhood to justify their return to the path of terrorism. As reported in this site weeks ago, the Islamic brotherhood are in the process of re-establishing their terrorist branch. Indications coming from practically all Western intelligence forces show that the organization had realized that for time being their only way to fight the army, Led by General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, is by launching focused attacks on high rank officers and army/police posts and barracks. More  specifically , There is an  ongoing effort to attack general’s Abdel Fatah al-Sisi Entourage In an attempt to get to him directly.

As more and more people die in the clashes it’s easier for the Islamic brotherhood to recruit young and angry radicals that will form the basis for a new generation of street-level activists for the organization. The ones that will rise above the rest will be targeted to what is refereed to as “quality activities”, code name for terrorist acts of detonating government facilities, attacking army posts and bases, and many other types of attacks

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