Egyptian committe for Civil State of Egypt

Egyptians around the world are following and watching with deep concern the unfolding serious political events back at home. This crisis has been created by the rejection of the Muslim Brothers to listen and respond to the will of millions of Egyptian who have been clearly over the past few weeks expressing their resentment and anger with ousted of Moris fascist regime on 30th of June and 27th of July 2013.
The Muslim Brotherhood conspired to create armed pockets in Cairo and their leaders took pride of their ability and capability to terrorise the local residents and Egyptian, and attacking the army and the police forces.
Restoring law and order and ending these terrorist armed protests and sit-ins is an urgent prime duty of the Egyptian government.
The Egyptian Committee of Civil State-UK shares the pain of the victims of our people.
We pray for a swift return of peace and security all over the country as this is the first step of rebuilding our modern civil Egypt.
The Committee supports and stands firmly by/behind our great Army and the police forces, who are currently defending and protecting our beloved Egypt.
May God bless Egypt

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