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United Copts as a human rights organization at its heart, rejects any form of violence or oppression. Any loss of life is regrettable; in that respect we offer our condolences to all. Nonetheless, the whole of the Egyptian people today saw anything but peaceful protesting from those who refuse to accept the will of the people.


The free people of Egypt refuse to be dictated to by an extremist right wing organization who has caused a deep rift between the children of the one land.



Today’s event and the events leading up to it saw the Muslim Brotherhood working so hard to change its struggle for power into sectarian violence in order to gain sympathy from the Muslim Majority.



In the last week, millions of Egyptian pounds were lost in the attacks in Minya leading up to the climax of today and 14 churches were destroyed in the space of four hours in what can only be described as an organized attack at the hands of this ruthless terrorist organization.


That is not mentioning the dozens of Coptic owned businesses, schools and seminaries torched today. The pain that the Copts suffered recently at the hands of Morsi’s supporters caused great sorrow and sadness. That only strengthened the Copt’s will to continue to be an indistinguishable part of the Egyptian fabric. The Copts will stand with the rest of Egypt as a part of a unified front against terrorism.

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