Attempted assassination of Egypt’s Internal Minister

Ignored by world leaders

Dr. Ashraf Ramelah

Human rights organization, Voice of the Copts, requests Western leaders to publicly denounce the assassination attempt on Egypt’s Internal Minister, Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim, this past Thursday in Cairo. Condemnation of this act of terrorism against the Egyptian state would demonstrate solidarity with the Egyptian interim government and the Egyptian people’s struggle for democracy and liberty.

In doing so, the U.S. and other world leaders would show support of common objectives and encourage Egypt’s ongoing efforts to form a new constitution. Moreover, by standing against Egyptian opposition factions resorting to violence, namely the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist off-shoots, the West would strengthen Egypt’s new post-dictator era in pursuit of democracy.

In a Hamas-styl attack upon Mr. Ibrahim’s security escorts and armored vehicle (provided by Al Sisi) just ten minutes from the Internal Minister’s home, a remotely activated sidewalk bomb killed his security guard and forced the Minister’s car 30 feet from the scene. A jihadist group called Anser beit al makados claims responsibility for this crime, but no arrests have been made. DNA testing of body parts found in the area may bring the evidence needed to prove true its claims or determine Al Makados a distraction for authorities in search of the guilty party.

The ousted Muslim Brotherhood regime and its allied groups inside Egypt have plenty reason to retaliate against Internal Minister Ibrahim who forced the breakup of their Al Adawyia and Nahadah sit-ins last month. Ibrahim led Egyptian law enforcement in the crackdown of MB members in the days after the sit-ins and was successful in arresting the majority of its high-ranked leaders.

Five days have elapsed since this deadly incident and world leaders remain silent. On center stage is Syria where the U.S. intends once again to align with terrorists -- the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda – if the American president has his way. Egyptians have been disgusted for some time with President Obama’s support of Morsi and the ousted regime.

Dr. Ashraf Ramelah
Founder and President

Voice of the Copts

Board Member SION

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