European Union of Coptic Organisation for Human Right meet with the European Parliament members


Aims and getting more support for the revolution on 30 June and the new Egyptian government


And to expose Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist organisation


in front of ep
 Delegates from Holand, Austria, Switzerland, Gemany and United Kingdom
and representative from The Egyptian Committee for the Defence of Civil State
Statement of United Copts GB



Statement: Dr Ibrahim Habib

Chairman United Copts GB

Deputy Chairman European Union of Coptic Organisation for Human Rights


Egypt on the whole, Muslims and Copts are going through a watershed period of its history, period full of hope for a better future, however, the road is bumpy, full of obstacles, the immediate threat is from a very well organised and financed terrorist organisation, which would like to drag Egypt backward to centuries of fear, oppression, bondage and slavery instead of aspiring to justice, progress, freedom and peace. The terrorist organisation is the Muslim Brotherhood. An organisation with long history in violence also they are masters of denial and lies.


With globalisation the boundaries are removed, ideas know no borders, and religious fascism is infectious like flu, Egypt is now, and on behalf of the whole world, is fighting terrorism, we ask you to rally with Egypt.


When Egyptian people rose revolting on stagnant and corrupt regime of Hosni Mubark, the choice of a presidents was like a choice between plague and cholera.  Morsi won by the smallest of margins. Democratic process was used and abused, Muslim Brothers made a mockery of the democratic process.  It was reduced to “ballotocracy”, totally undermining the meaning and essence of the democratic process. Whole villages Christians in Upper Egypt were intimidated not to vote and the votes were rigged, not surprisingly the Copts were at the forefront of the 30th of June second revolution to ousted Morsi.


During short Morsi role we saw Muslim Brotherhood members with official government personnel’s assault protesters, we saw journalists killed like El-Hossini Abu-Deif, we saw Morsi immunising his constitutional decrees not to be challenged in the court of law putting himself above the law, the government was corrupt and secretive, we saw Egypt going fast backward with Islamic Brotherhoodisation of the state.


Egypt is unique place, Herodotus the Greek historian gave Egyptians 3 unique characteristics, That Greek civilisation is a baby compared to Egyptian, that Egyptians tend to go opposite direction from every one else and they are religious to excess, far beyond any other race of men.


Now Egyptian society is divided, enlightened minds open to the world mainly educated class in the cities, where as in the villages and under developed districts  poverty, ignorance and illiteracy prevails, you find fanaticism, religious fascism and intolerance to other non-Muslim is rife. This is the fertile ground for Muslim Brotherhood to spread fatwas of hate and “Treatment of people of the Book” fatwas by Ibn Taimiah and Abu-Alala’a Almamdodi who advocate not to befriend or employ Christians and Jews, despise them and humiliate them, tell them that the Christians must pay jizya or  they should not be equal to the Muslims in “Dyat” compensation or should not witness in court, also that Muslim women have inferior status to Muslim man.


When Muslim Brotherhood acquired power, they did not wait but with their Salafi friends introduced changes to the constitution including article 219 in the new Egyptian constitution to speed up the more punitive application of Sharia as they understand it, as they did not like the 1994 Constitutional Court judgment restricted Sharia rules to “قصرت كلمة المبادئ على الأحكام قطعية الدلالة والثبوت” i.e. the rules from credible source and clear meaning to the newer version which opened the door wide open to the several and varied interpretation of  the severer form of Islamic jurisprudence suitable to the desert in the seventh centaury and the sheiks of incitement of hate.


The principles of Islamic Sharia include general evidence, foundational rules, rules of jurisprudence, and credible sources accepted in Sunni doctrines and by the larger community.


Soon after the introduction of the new constitution, we saw several self appointed Salafi forming groups of “Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice” reprimanding women for not covering hair to murdering a boyfriend for walking in the street with his girlfriend.


We need to go through what America did in writing the First Amendment to the Constitution, stating "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion."


Nina Shea, co-author of the book "Persecuted: The Global Assault on Christians.” suggests that the U.S. should begin in Egypt, the largest and most influential Arab country


Our groups believe in secular state, separation from state and religion, to get Egypt to cross this turbulent period, heralding the end of Political Islam in short:


1-Encourage the separation of state from religion in Egypt by having secular constitution.

2- The rogue elements in society must feel the heavy weight of the law non-equivocally and across the board.

3- Encourage Egypt to empower women and treat them equally.

4- Support the new government in fighting terrorism.

5- Declare Muslim brotherhood terrorist organisation, help the government in drying out its recourses world wide.

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