Call for demonstration  

Dear Brother and Sisters

The las week was full with atrocities committed by the MB and their supporters
in Europe and Egypt , whic included :
1) Atacking and assaulting Mr Alaa El Aswani in Paris and sabotaging the meeting
2) Attempt to attack MR Mohamed Nabawy from Tamaroud in London and sabotging his
meeting in SOAS @ London University .
3) The vicious  attack on a church in Cairo with killing of a handful  and
injuring a dozen .

As a result of the above we are organising a  demonstration on Sunday 27/10
between 3 and 5 in front of the Egyptian Embassy asking for tough measures to be
taken against terrorism in Egypt with the arrest of the murderes  and the
organisers in Egypt .
Also to have a strong message to the UK government to to shift its stance for
protection of the peaceful people in in Egypt and support thrt the Egyptian
governments in all the necessary  measures to stop the terorrism and protect
people  .

We hope to see as many as possible standing hand in hand against the terrorism .

Shenouda shalaby

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