Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood President Morsi spied for Hamas and al-Qaeda
The police officer who discovered this was murdered a week after he revealed it. And through all this Morsi kept the loyal support of the Obama Administration. "Assassinated police officer disclosed evidence Morsy spied for Hamas: Sources," by Tarek Wageeh for Al-Masry Al-Youm, November 21:

Prosecution investigations on assassinations of senior police officer Mohamed Mabrouk, of Interior Ministry’s national security branch, have revealed that Mabrouk was killed one week after submitting CD to investigations authority levelling spying charges against deposed President Mohamed Morsy and other Muslim Brotherhood figures.

According to judicial sources, the CD includes evidence indicating Morsy’s involvement in spying for Hamas and al-Qa’eda. It included a recorded phone call between Morsy and Ayman al-Zawahiri, the organization leader.

Sources added that the phone conversation included confession by Morsy on informing Hamas about important information on security situation in Sinai. Sources did not mention the timing of the call.

The call was included to prosecution investigations in the case.....

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