Egypt’s military plans to protect January 25 street celebrations under threat of attack

At least three hundred members from the Muslim Brotherhood have been intensively trained during the past days in an area of Egypt known as New Valley.

By Ashraf Ramlah


Egyptians brace for more Muslim Brotherhood attacks. These strikes are anticipated to occur during the scheduled January 25 pro-democracy celebrations on the three-year anniversary of the uprising of Egypt’s freedom fighters.

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Muslim Brotherhood documents show more attacks planned for Egypt

Egyptian newspapers report that Egypt’s military have recently discovered three documents in the city of Beni Suef, just south of Cairo, produced by the Muslim Brotherhood containing plans to provoke chaos during Egypt’s upcoming street festivities.

The Muslim Brotherhood documents include the preparations for four unauthorized and unpermitted gatherings and protests by Brotherhood supporters in separate locations aiming to distract law enforcement and clash with the army. A second document describes a Muslim Brotherhood plan to spread panic through the country with rumors of polluted drinking water. The third document found is a plan for all members and sympathizers of the terrorist organization to avoid the work day — remain absent from jobs as a show of civil disobedience. In turn, they are to dedicate the day to physical attacks on public buildings. 

More evidence of Muslim Brotherhood preparations against Egypt

International leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood organization have met in London this week, according to Cairo’s Veto newspaper, to coordinate and “to prepare for action to be taken during the celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the uprising of January 25, 2011.” The article quoted their sources as saying that such actions as “creating chaos throughout the country, attacking jails to free terrorists, using the Ultras – groups of extreme soccer fans prone to violence – to clash with Egypt’s law enforcement in squares and streets across the country (especially in Tahrir Square of Cairo, Rabaah Square, and Elenaadah Square) are in order to destroy celebrations.”

Muslim Brotherhood international leaders in London stress New Valley training for life and death battle against Egypt’s pro-democracy, anti-Morsi celebrants

The article goes on to say that “the same source stated that at least three hundred members from the Muslim Brotherhood have been intensively trained during the past days in an area of Egypt known as New Valley. The purpose of key task training is to lead various groups in a number of provinces stressing the consideration that January 25 becomes a battle of life and death.” The article went on to say, “the source added that in the London meeting discussion occurred concerning the need to support and finance the plan of attack, its violence, and its riots during the celebrations — including identification of who will provide funding and donations to the organization [the Muslim Brotherhood] for this purpose.”

Two Brotherhood spiritual leaders, fugitives from Egypt, are behind this effort

In addition, the Veto article says, “Egyptian security sources stated that Gomhea Amen, a fugitive member of the Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual Guide’s office [after escaping from Egypt] is leading and managing the meeting and offices in London in conjunction with other international members and affiliated groups. Veto further states, “the sources confirm that Amen is in contact with the current deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual leader, Mahmoud Ezzat, who has escaped to Yemen through the Egyptian border with Gaza as per Egyptian security sources.”

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