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Christian Armenians under attack in Syria

because of Turkey: Crimea, Cyprus, Syria and NATO

Ramazan Khalidov and Lee Jay Walker

Modern Tokyo Times

Armenian Christians are once more fleeing from the aggression of Turkey and not surprisingly the Western nations sprouting international law at the Russian Federation are deadly silent. Indeed, NATO Turkey is allowed to occupy Northern Cyprus, cleanse Orthodox Christianity and to create Turkish settlements based on their conquest; to enter Northern Iraq in order to attack the Kurds when it pleases the elites in Ankara; and NATO Turkey is allowed to be a base for international jihadists and a zone for supplying military arms to terrorists, sectarians, and mercenaries, that fight against the Syrian government. Therefore, the recent involvement by Turkey in the cleansing of Armenian Christians in Northern Syria appears to be one long continuation of past misdeeds.

Gulf, Western and NATO double standards.

Once more, NATO powers and the so-called free world are mainly silent about the cleansing of Armenian Christians on the behest of the Erdogan government in Turkey. Of course, when the Russian Federation takes action in Crimea this is followed by Western rhetoric based on democracy, human rights, international law, and so forth. However, the useful manipulation of language becomes open for all to see because the President of America will visit Saudi Arabia despite this nation being the most draconian country in the world. Similarly, France is crying wolf about the situation in Crimea while signing major trading deals with China – in other words, the Buddhist Tibetans are expendable and the rule of law is just a tool to be manipulated by major powers.

It is this double-standard, indeed, no standards laid down by major NATO and Gulf powers, that is extremely irksome when applied to the Russian Federation and any independent nation state like Syria. The vast majority of individuals know the basics about the Phoenix program and massacres in Vietnam; the role of America in supporting right-wing death squads throughout South America; the open lie about weapons of mass destruction and Iraq; the deliberate NATO bombing of the infrastructure of Serbia, whereby mainly civilians were killed; the destabilization of Libya and the current reality of this nation now being a failed state; and endless other ventures based on breaking and ignoring international law – alongside cutting up nations like Serbia via handing over Kosovo to Albanian nationalists. All the above renders the rhetoric of “international law” by America and it allies over the current crisis in Crimea to be not only ridiculous, but also blatant anti-Russian Federation propaganda.

Syria highlights the complete bankruptcy of major Gulf and NATO powers because the same nations are utilizing terrorism and sectarianism in order to destabilize secular Syria. This reality means that the minority Christian community in this nation is faced with dhimmitude, having their churches destroyed, being forced to pay jizya, forcibly converted based on fear and being cleansed by forces being supported by Gulf and NATO powers. It must be remembered that over 50 per cent of Christians fled Iraq on the watch of America and the United Kingdom. Of course, this isn’t unique because Orthodox Christians were forced to flee in Northern Cyprus and likewise the same religious community in Kosovo must stay in the shadows or face persecution. Untold numbers of Christian churches and monasteries have been destroyed in Northern Cyprus and Kosovo based on the policies of Western and Gulf powers – and, of course, based on the invasion, occupation and settlements of Turks by Turkey when applied to Northern Cyprus. Where was the international community, and the mantra of “international law,” when this happened?

On the contrary, when Christians were been cleansed and massacred during the Biafran War in Nigeria, East Timor, Northern Cyprus, Kosovo, West Papua – and other conflicts – major Western powers merely sold more military arms to the persecutors of Christians. This isn’t unique to the Christian community because Hindus have been cleansed and massacred in Bangladesh and Pakistan but this was similarly met by silence because of Western geopolitical ambitions.

Therefore, while G-7 nations are lambasting the Russian Federation over the Crimea crisis it is worth remembering the daily deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria based on the meddling of Gulf and NATO powers (Pakistan also involved in Afghanistan). Yes, the nations sprouting international law have already turned off their individual collective consciousness to daily terrorist attacks in the above-mentioned nations. Indeed, while vast numbers continue to be killed based on Gulf and Western meddling this will not stop the same nations from intervening and destabilizing another part of the world in the near future. After all, history tells us that from little Grenada, to the ongoing destabilization of Syria, – that no nation is immune if independent and clearly Venezuela should be worried.

Armenians cleansed in Syria on the behest of NATO Turkey

In history the genocide of 1915 should never be forgotten but for nearly one hundred years leading powers have mainly caved in to the whims of Turkey. Therefore, the genocide of Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks is still blatantly denied by elites in Turkey and of course leading powers hate to lose business. In other words, the slaughter of Christians isn’t so bad because more important is to appease Ankara. Of course, unlike the alleged genocide in Kosovo whereby the Serbians became an even bigger minority – the “real genocide” in Turkey of several Christian communities led to the utter demise of Christianity throughout most of modern day Turkey. Indeed, while Western liberals laud Turkey for being a progressive modern Muslim nation the same elites fail to state how the nearly 100 per cent former Christian area turned into being less than 0.5% Christian based on systematic persecution, enslavement, dhimmitude, brutal massacres and religious cleansing over many centuries. Of course, history is never a strong point for Western elites but just in case “open manipulation” is installed in order to brainwash the masses.

Now, nearly 100 years later, the same Turkey is involved in cleansing Armenian Christians in Northern Syria. Yes, while Western nations are lambasting the Russian Federation over Crimea – NATO Turkey continues to illegally occupy and settle Northern Cyprus, while involving itself in the cleansing of Armenian Christians in Northern Syria and taking a hostile approach towards the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh. Turkey is a major bane in the side of the Syrian government because this NATO country is an open conduit for international terrorists and supplying military arms to al-Qaeda affiliates and an array of sectarian forces in Syria. In the past, NATO powers did at least try to hide their connivance with al-Qaeda affiliates and sectarian forces when the time suited, for example Afghanistan in the 1980s and early 1990s and more recently in Libya whereby both forces worked on the same side in order to topple the government of Gaddafi. However, Turkey is going one step further because you have many al-Qaeda and other terrorist bases and areas of weapon collections in this nation along the vast border with Syria.

In recent days Turkey is involving itself in the cleansing of Christian Armenians in Kasab (Kessab). This is a continuation of the Erdogan government in Turkey because since outside nations began to meddle in Syria the elites of Ankara have assisted various different terrorist, sectarian and mercenary groups. Untold numbers have died in Syria because of the actions of Turkey alongside the brutal deeds of major Gulf and NATO powers.

The Syrian Arab News Agency reports: “The ministry said in the two identical letters of which SANA received a copy that the Syrian government has drawn the attention of the UN Secretary-General and chairmen of the UN Security Council during the past three years to the acts and violations committed by the Turkish government against Syria’s security and stability through the Turkish involvement in organizing, receiving, funding and hosting tens of thousands of terrorists from various takfiri movements and facilitating their entry into the Syrian territories and giving them background bases on the Turkish territories.”

Ken Hachikian, chairman of the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA), says: “The attacks on the predominantly Armenian-populated village of Kessab over the weekend represent an attack on all Armenians.”

“The Armenian-American community stands united in seeking to reverse the events of the last several days, which has seen militant extremists stream into Kessab from Turkey. We are strongly urging our government, led by President [Barack] Obama and congressional leaders, to send a firm message to Ankara that the safe haven and safe passage being offered to these militant groups intent on destroying Kessab must end.”

In other words, while G-7 nations are rebuking the Russian Federation over Crimea, the same nations are mainly silent about the deeds of Turkey in assisting terrorist and sectarian forces, along with involving itself directly in Northern Syria. Sadly, for Christian Armenians in Kasab (Kessab) this is a stern reminder of the past when vast numbers were killed and cleansed by Turks.

Syrian Arab News Agency reports: “Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan expressed deep concern over the Turkish attack on Kasab area in Lattakia where a large number of Armenians dwell.”

“Armenian President thanked Syrian authorities for protecting Armenians in Kasab who were forced to leave their homeland twice in the past and are facing a third attempt due to the attacks of Turkish military legions.’’

“…Serzh Sargsyan recalled that the Turkish legions have forced Armenians twice to leave Kasab; the first in 1909 and the second in 1915.”

The worry now is that with Erdogan being beset by countless corruption scandals, and with G-7 nations focusing on Crimea, that the current leader of Turkey may utilize nationalism and instigating more bloodshed in Syria for personal political gains. Not surprisingly, the recent attacks against Syria by Israel and Turkey appear to be coordinated because both these nations are protecting terrorists in border areas. Syria, of course, should be protected by international law but obviously for three years the nations of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and others in the Gulf, have all been involved in supporting terrorism and sectarianism against the government based in Damascus. Likewise, America, the United Kingdom and France have equally involved themselves with many Islamist and terrorist ratlines despite the overwhelming majority of the electorate in all three nations being against their policies – so much for democracy.

Armenians in Kasab are once more being endangered by Turkey and just like the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian genocide of 1915 – and the ensuing massacres that followed in the proceeding years until the middle of the 1920s; it is clear that elites in Ankara believe they are above international law. This isn’t so surprising given the carte blanche takeover of Northern Cyprus whereby the eradication of indigenous Orthodox Christianity was tolerated by Western powers. After all, Western nations selling military arms to Turkey, while claiming outwardly to be opposed to the illegal occupation of Northern Cyprus, is clearly “a fudge” of mega distortions. Therefore, with Turkey literally getting away with destroying thousands of Kurdish villages over the last few decades; illegally occupying Northern Cyprus; violating the sovereignty of Iraq by military incursions from time to time; enabling terrorists and sectarian forces to utilize border areas in order to destabilize Syria; then the Armenian communities throughout the world should expect empty words – or silence – about the ongoing deeds of Turkey in relation to the persecution of Armenian Christians in Kasab and other parts of Syria.

Meanwhile, for Syria the same Gulf and NATO powers continue to destabilize the nation state despite the enormous loss of life. This means that a whole array of various sectarian, terrorist and mercenary forces are being financed based on Gulf petrodollars, the connivance of Turkey and the intrigues of America, France and the United Kingdom. Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and other Gulf powers, have been given a free hand to support al-Qaeda backed affiliates and various brutal Takfiri groups. At the same time, Gulf petrodollars are spreading radical Salafism in Syria and supporting wanton destruction. Therefore, the Armenians in Kasab – just like the entire mosaic in Syria – are being forced to flee to areas under the control of the Syrian armed forces in order to be protected from barbaric sectarian, terrorist and Takfiri forces that are supported by Gulf and NATO powers.

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