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Muslim Brotherhood, The beginning; The dream of restoring Khelafa and apply Sharia:


The idea of Muslim Brotherhood was born in Suez Canal city of Ismaelia in 1928 by primary school teacher, Hassan Elbana, following the fall of the Ottoman Empire with the aim to restore “Khelafa Islamiah” i.e Islamic Super state with a Muslim ruler who apply Sharia Islamiah “Islamic Rules and jurisprudence” to the full.  The Muslim Brotherhood motto has always been “Allah is our goal, Quran is our constitution, the prophet is our leader, Jihad is our way and death in the cause of Allah is our highest objectives”, the emblem is here, two crossing swords under the Quran and below them is the Arabic word “Be prepared” a reminder of the Quranic verse “And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah” Surah Al-Anfal 8.60. It is a call for war.

To reach their goals Muslim Brotherhood were active in proselytizing as well as in the social sphere they distributed money and material help to woo the poor Muslim, they gained support in the countryside amongst the lower social class and the illiterate also among the university student who originate from poorer back ground but hardly spread among the aristocracy, Muslim Brotherhood had secret Special Wing for assassination of their enemies, they were implicated in the killing of judge Ahmad Khazendar and Prime Minister Mahmud Fami Naqrashi (1) as well as burning the businesses and homes of the Jews in Cairo before 1952 revolution.  

Sayyed Qutb and the “Takfir”

He is the most prominent writer the Muslim Brotherhood have known, he radicalized the already violent movement even more with his ideas, besides his advocacy to the full application of Sharia, According to Qutb, "The Muslim community has been extinct for a few centuries" and reverted to Jahiliyyah, The state of ignorance of the guidance from God, i.e. the situation of Arabs before Islam, a period referred to with great disgust and disapproval. 

Qutb call for Takfir and Islamic Vanguard:

Qutb most famous book is Ma'alim fi'l-tareeq, translated The Milestones, in the preface of the first edition he said:""الفتية الذين ألمحهم في خيالي قادمين يردون هذا الدين جديدًا كما بدأ يقاتلون في سبيل الله فيقتلون ويُقتلون" Translated: “The Muslim youth whom I dream off, restore this religion anew as when it started, fight in the cause of Allah, kill and get killed”  Qutb consider the Western societies to be kafirs “infidels” to be treated according to Sharia “to be fought” and Muslim who do not apply Sharia to be living in Jahiliyyah.

Qutb introduced the concept of Takfir, i.e. to call the Muslim ruler who does not apply Sharia to be “Kafir” mean apostate, a serious charge in Islam can lead to opposing the ruler and his execution, the duty of all Muslim to fight “Kafirs” rulers.  

To restore Islam on earth and free Muslims from "jahili society, jahili concepts, jahili traditions and jahili leadership," Qutb preaches that a vanguard (tali'a) be formed modelling itself after the original Muslims, the "companions" of Muhammad (Sahaba). These Muslims successfully vanquished Jahiliyyah principally for two reasons:A-They cut themselves off from the Jahiliyyah—i.e. they ignored the learning and culture of non-Muslim groups (Greeks, Romans, Persians, Christians or Jews), and separated themselves from their old non-Muslim friends and family. B-They looked to the Qur'an for orders to obey, not as "learning and information" or solutions to problems.  

Following these principles the vanguard will fight Jahiliyyah with a twofold approach: Preaching and "The Movement" (jama'at). Preaching will persuade people to become true Muslims, while the movement will remove by physical power and Jihaad for abolishing the organizations and authorities of the Jahili system." Foremost amongst these organizations and people to be removed is the "political power which rests on a complex yet interrelated ideological, racial, class, social and economic support," (p. 59) but ultimately includes "the whole human environment." (p. 72) Force is necessary, Qutb explains, because it is naive to expect "those who have usurped the authority of God" to "give up their power" without a fight. It is notable that the Current Muslim Brotherhood Member of Mahmoood Ghozlan Official spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood and member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Council and Mohammed Mahdi Akef the Supreme Guide did not condemn Qutb ideas, to the contrary, they fully agreed with his and considered him a martyr for the cause. 

Qutb ideas and application of Shria is recipe for undermining the Freedoms, Equality and Democracy and the entire Western Civilization stand for:

Qutb ideas are the ideas actually inspired Al-Qaeda, his book referred to is main reference book, Ayman El-Zowahiri the Al-Qaeda leader following the death of Usama Ben Ladem was a member of the Muslim brotherhood as Mahmood Gozlan admits in the revealing video of Michael Brazan (6)  

The Radical Islam is already here and breeding:

One example is the British prisons (you can also think of inner cities, the schools of Birmingham awaiting the results of the investigations, the grooming of young females with broken families in Manchester and using them as prostitutes …etc) , the prisons are full of Jihadists and Muslim extremists, their Muslim population numbers exceeds their representations in the community, 1 in 7 of the prison inmates are Muslims, according to British Prison population statistics August 2013, their number reached 11,248, large numbers of them are already radicals and others are being radicalised (7) it is a terrifying spectacles to see in spite of the Law and Order applied in UK with high degree of sophistication, how radical Islam spreads and how the application of Sharia of preventing sale of alcohol by shear intimidation and fear is spreading in East London neighbourhood, how the desire to apply Sharia by force is with all it carries from treating women and non Muslims as second class citizen, denial of freedom of religion to denial of freedom of expression to application of the full Sharia i.e. the execution of apostates, the cutting of the hands of thieves off, stoning of adulterers …etc in the heart and mind of the radicals. 

Muslim Brotherhood speaks Double Talk:

They mastered the art of deception; the speech to the West in good English is moderate but the real harsh message through their preachers in the mosques, in their writings in Arabic show their true colour.Muslim Brotherhood maintained that they do not advocate violence, but the evidence proves the opposite. Muslim Brothers claim they do not persecute non Muslims while their Mufti say churches must not be built in Islamic counties such as Egypt, his fatwa was in Arabic (5) but they do not express that in other languages, the article “Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and Its Record of Double-Talk” is worth reading (4)In Astralia 2012 riot, all radicals imprisoned in the riot claim they are peaceful group, do not resort to violence (19) 

Hamas is a branch of Muslim Brotherhood:

The Charter of Hamas states in the second article “The Islamic Resistance Movement is one of the wings of the Muslim Brothers in Palestine. The Muslim Brotherhood Movement is a world organization, the largest Islamic Movement in the modern era. It is characterized by a profound understanding, by precise notions and by a complete comprehensiveness of all concepts of Islam in all domains of life: views and beliefs, politics and economics, education and society, jurisprudence and rule, indoctrination and teaching, the arts and publications, the hidden and the evident, and all the other domains of life”. (10) a Fact which is not disputed which illustrates that violence is part of Muslim Brotherhood strategy. 

Muslim Brotherhood resorts to violence in Egypt:

After 44 days of mass protest in Raba’a El-Adwia square in Cairo and Nahda Square in Giza, during which the Muslim Brotherhood after barricading themselves disturbed the peace of the locals by relentless noise from loud speaks inciting hate and violence, took the paving stones off the streets and threw them on police and passers by with fireworks and Molotov cocktail, terrorised the areas by putting snipers on the roofs of the building firing bird shots and bullets and turning the area they camped in into real filth as they slaughtered animals and cooked on the street. 

On the 14th of August after 44 days of total destruction and criminal activity, police gave the demonstrators a few hours to evacuate the area with a safe passage before storming it, and then the demonstrators turned to extreme violence by burning down their camp and their arms firing bullets at police and innocent people, it is worth watching video (12) also Muslim Brotherhood out of shear hatred to Christian churches they went on to burn churches and Christian properties all over the country more in Upper Egypt where Christians are more concentrated, it is worth looking at (11) and (13). 

Muslim Brotherhood does not accept pluralism, is a totalitarian ideology which totally rejects Weston values altogether. The Muslim Brotherhood influenced worldwide Islamic terrorist movements, in Mahdi Akef in this recording he at last accept and was proud off the military training the Muslim Brotherhood provided to it’s members in Mokatam mountain near Cairo 50 years earlier. Muslim Brotherhood joined the Nazi and Sheik Amin El-Hossiny Al-Quds Moft then was a friend with Hitler. Not only Muslim Brotherhood is has bred Hamas as a terrorist organization but all Islamic terrorist organization such as Al-Qaeda and Islamic Jihad come from the under cloak of Muslim Brotherhood. (14). Summary:


A-Muslim Brotherhood main goal is to restore Khelafa and apply Sharia. In Shria, there are killing of apostates from Islam, stoning of adulterers and cutting of the hands of thieves, as this considered Orderds from Allah, have to be applied in full. In Shria thee is no democracy but “Shura“= opinions of the mullahs, Christians and Jews are given inferior status treated as “People of the Book”, tolerated but accept humiliation, pay Jizya, Muslim women are given inferior status to men, others (than Jews, and Christians) are considered Kufars and ought to be invited to Islam or killed.


B- Muslim Brotherhood believes in violence, uses it but does not admit to it.


C- Muslim Brotherhood masters of Double Talk.


D- Muslim Brotherhood resorted to violence in Egypt in the past and at present.


E- History of Muslim Brotherhood shows that from under their cloaks comes most of the Islamic terrorist organization such as HAMAS, which is written in their manifesto, Islamic Jihad and Al Qaeda.


F- In East London Muslim areas and in other inner cities Muslims areas, ordinary people and intimidated and threatened by violence. This is the tip of a huge iceberg. (18)  

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