Palestinian Official Daily: “The U.S. Established ISIS”

The banner of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Photo:

The banner of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (Photo:

ISIS poses a threat to the entire Middle East region. They seek to conquer Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Lebanon, and perhaps also Turkey after they are done with Iraq and Syria. Nevertheless, the official Palestinian Authority daily accuses the U.S. of establishing ISIS, instead of blaming their growth on sectarian tensions and the rise of radical Islam in the region.

According to Palestinian Media Watch, the official daily of the Palestinian Authority has published six different articles recently claiming that the United States established ISIS in order to control Arab Muslim countries by dividing them through terrorism and war. ISIS was declared to be a Caliphate with religious authority over all Muslims and they seek to invade Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, and perhaps also Turkey aside from Syria and Iraq.

Where ever ISIS has gone, they execute minority men en masse in brutal fashions such as beheadings and crucifixions, while displaying the bodies in a gory fashion. They take the women and children as captives. The women taken by ISIS are often raped and enslaved. For ISIS, not only minority religions are infidels. Also Shia Muslims and secular Muslims are viewed to be as good as non-believers and they should share the same fate. Given such grotesque images emerging from Iraq and Syria, the largely secular Palestinian Authority has much to fear from ISIS.

“They destroyed the mosque of our lord Jonah [the prophet] in Nineveh.” (The Prophet Jonah is considered holy to both Muslims and Jews.) “ISIS blew it up, along with all the other mosques that contained shrines of saints… And so we have been living, for around half a century, in a new age of ignorance of religion,” the official Palestinian daily Al Hayat Al Jadida emphasized. But instead of blaming the rise of radical Islam in the background of sectarian tensions for these atrocities, the Palestinian Authority prefers to make accusations against the United States.

“ISIS, the perpetrators of atrocities and the groups that hoist the banner of religion seem to be raising their weapons in sync with Washington, and fight the US verbally, but in practice are killing their enemies. Is this a coincidence, or was it planned ahead of time,” the Palestinian official daily Al Hayat Al Jadida pondered.

While Al Hayat Al Jadida did acknowledge that former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s book didn’t mention ISIS as a “U.S. pawn” but they declared that this does not negate the fact that “Washington is behind many of the disasters plaguing the Arab region. Over a decade ago, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright indicated, in an article, the existence of elements in the Arab region that could be made to fight one another in a way that would serve US interests, and that there was no need for direct US military intervention.”

“After her, Condoleezza Rice introduced the concept of what is referred to as ‘creative anarchy,” Al Hayat Al Jadida declared. “Later, in 2006, former CIA director James Woolsey spoke of the need to create an Islam suitable for the West, and later, to cause Muslims to fight each other, at which point the West would overrun them and defeat them.”

According to Al Hayat Al Jadida, “The wars in Libya, Iraq, Syria and Palestine were planned by the US in order to protect its interests… The US is using extremists as human shields fighting on its behalf, so that American soldiers will no longer be in danger of returning home in coffins. The ISIS, Islamic Front, and Al-Nusra Front (i.e., all radical Islamists) are Muslims from various countries the US is using to fight in Iraq and Syria, in order to fragment the unity of these two Arab countries… We are now more aware that the Americans – who want to fight for their own interests using Islamic, Jewish and Christian believers – are truly the head of the snake.”

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