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Islamic State Justifies Enslaving Non-Believers

This message was propagated by a pamphlet from the IS that is titled Question and Answers about Female Slaves and their Freedom.

The pamphlet was distributed amongst the people living in Mosul a city in Iraq. The city is under the radical extremists’ control.

The pamphlet also said that women and children who are non-Muslim could be sold as well as given as gifts to other people.

One resident in Mosul said most of the people are shocked, but there is not much that can be done about it at the moment.

Many accounts regarding the IS kidnapping, raping, selling of women as well as children, have recently surfaced after the radical group took control of large areas of land through Iraq and Syria.

This has come after other allegations of killings of innocent civilians, because they simply are not in agreement with the extreme Sharia law of the IS.

The militants from IS have justified this, such as the beheading of aid workers and journalists in the name of god.

Even then, it is rare to understand its rationale laid out so plainly as in the pamphlet that was handed out in Mosul,

The document explained that it was permissible to capture women if they are non-believers. This pamphlet added that female slaves are women that Muslims have taken from enemies.

A great deal of the pamphlet speaks about the policy of the IS on having intercourse with female slaves. That is something the organization cites the holy Quran to justify.

The pamphlet also mentions other rules and makes it very clear that captors are completely in control of captives.

This is the most detailed justification for non-believers being enslaved.

Leaders of the Muslim world around the world continue condemning the Islamic State and believe their interpretation to be alien, abhorrent and grotesque.

One professor of Islamic studies said none of the rationalization of the Islamic State holds up. He called the argument wrong, astonishingly a historical and hypocritical that rely on male fantasies inspired through stories from imperial Islam days.

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