“Reconciliation Session” in Egypt in the 21 Century is a Slap on the Face of Common Law and Justice System

In the latest episode of the notorious “Reconciliation Session” held between Muslims and Christians in Kafr Darwish, El-Fashn district, Beni-Swif Governorate, Egypt, 2 days ago [“Reconciliation Session” which was an idea created during Mubarak era to humiliate, disenfranchise, and target Christians in Egypt for a state of impoverishment and destitution after FALSELY accuse Copts of being offensive or derogatory to the Islamic religion] a young man named Ayman Yousef Tawfiq who is working in Jordan, judged by the “Reconciliation Session” of “liking” an offensive image of the Prophet of Islam on Facebook.

Ayman has denied links to the image, or even that he knows how to use Facebook.

It is known that Ayman is illiterate, does not know how to read and write, and depends on his colleagues in the use of Facebook.

The “Reconciliation Session” was conducted in his village in the presence of a number of security chiefs and the village Mayer, ruled to expel Ayman from the village. The young radical Muslims had attacked houses in the village using Molotov cocktail causing damage of more than 10 houses. Had it not been for the intervention of moderate Muslims Ayman and his family would have been burned alive inside the house.

The following day another “Reconciliation Session” was held in the mayor house, in that session the father, the mother, the three brother of Ayman were decided to be expelled too, the Mayer informed the family that “if you do not leave their houses, their farm animals, their crops in the field and self exiled themselves outside the village, he is not responsible for their lives”.

It is beyond comprehension that in the 21st centaury collective punishment based on false charges inflicted on innocent people in large numbers in the presence of and under the direction of officials who guard the law of the land and the security of citizen in Egypt.

Copts have become easy prey to fanatic Muslims who fabricate rumour that a Copt offended the Islamic religion thus inciting other Muslims to attack Christians, their homes and businesses then a collective punishment is applied for the Copts in the village, where the stronger and more numerous party dictate their terms to Copts who have no choice but to accept them because the alternative is a most heinous murder. In the “Reconciliation Session” exemption of the aggressor from any criminal responsibility or punishment for persecuting the Copts, or burning their homes is usual outcome.

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