Christian heavyweights hail Copts rights in Sisi era, attack blasphemy law

By Hani Danial/ Geneva

Christian Egyptian heavyweights attending the eighth edition of the Minority Rights Forum, held in Switzerland's Geneva highly commended human rights for minorities in modern Egypt. 

Head of United Copts Organization, Ibrahim Habib said President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s ascent to power saved Egypt and the Copts from the oppression of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Habib, whose organization is based in Britain, added the reign of ousted president Mohamed Morsi witnessed many violations against Christians, including attacks on churches and getting numerous Christians displaced, especially in the Mediterranean city of Alexandria.

Meanwhile, Medhat Kelada, Head of the European Coptic Organizations Union, called for abolishing blasphemy law in Egypt as “it is badly exploited against the Copts” and brings Egypt under criticism of human rights groups worldwide.

Judicial rulings against Karam Saber, Demiana Abdul Anwar, Cyril Shawki among other Christians do not comply with the new Egypt, that millions of Egyptians dreamed of after getting rid of the Brotherhood rule, Kelada said.
The attendees of the forum, held under auspices of the UN, recommended Member States of the United Nations General Assembly to enact specific legislations prohibiting and punishing questioning, arrests and inspections based solely or primarily on racial or ethnic profiling. 
Edited by Alaa Awad


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