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Islamic studies teacher accused of helping two Muslims join the Islamic State

The British authorities from David Cameron on down should ponder the implications of the fact that an Islamic studies teacher may have helped two Muslims join the Islamic State — you know, that thing that they all insist has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam.

Ayman Shaukat

“Islamic studies teacher accused of helping two extremists flee to Syria ‘is a prankster who once locked friend in McDonald’s toilet,'” by Winnie Agbonlahor, Mailonline, February 15, 2016:

An Islamic studies teacher accused of helping two extremists flee to Syria is a prankster who once locked a friend in a McDonald’s toilet, a court heard.

Ayman Shaukat, 27, a key member of Islam Walsall in the west Midlands, is accused of driving two friends to the airport so they could join Islamic State.

Shaukat allegedly sympathised with IS and a picture of him posing in front of an ISIS-style flag in his bedroom was recovered from his mobile phone.

But Shaukat’s best friend Muhammed Jan today insisted he was a joker who used to mock the posturing of IS fighters.

He said he once had to be rescued from the toilets of a McDonald’s in Slough, Berks, by the Fire Brigade after Shaukat locked him in.

Mr Jan said he met Shaukat on the first day of secondary school and attended Coventry University with him to study law.

‘I saw him two or three times a week in a social capacity, we usually went out to eat somewhere, he was always the designated driver.’

Laughing as he recalled the incident in McDonald’s, he said his mate had locked him in the disabled toilet after he had specifically told him not to use it.

He continued: ‘I always used to take the mick out of him because he supports Chelsea and I support Man United.’

Asked if Shaukat had ever said or done anything that made him believe he sympathised with IS, he said: ‘He would talk about it when it was on TV, he’d discuss it but he wasn’t supportive.’

He added: ‘He had friends that were Sikh, Hindu, atheist, Christian – he never made decisions about his friends based on what their religion was.’

He added that Shaukat would laugh at IS, saying: ‘He used to joke about it.. These made up people thinking they’ve got a caliphate and he would just laugh about it.’


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