Concern Over Islamist Schools In Austria As Kindergarten Teacher Convicted For Supporting ISIS

Islamist Schools In Austria



A teen who tried to join the Islamic State and was convicted for supporting terrorism worked as a helper in an Islamic kindergarten.

An 18 year old Chechen born girl living in Austria was sentenced to a total of six months in prison out of a potential three year sentence for supporting a terrorist organization. The girl intended to marry an Islamic State fighter and move to Syria to be with him accordingto Kronen Zeitung.

The girl had met the man on the internet and the pair had exchanged emails and messages via social media, heard the court. Fatima, or “sister Fatima” as she is known to the members of the terrorist group on their online forums, was arrested in July 2014 in Romania where she was en route to Syria to marry the ISIS fighter she had been speaking with.

The judge in the case decided to grant Fatima a lenient sentenced because she said that the teen had integrated well into Austrian society and that her job at the Islamic Kindergarten proved this. During the case the defence tried to argue that Fatima was actually going to Turkey to marry a different man she had been speaking to online. The judge dismissed the idea when Fatima herself could not present any evidence such a person actually existed.

The judge also said they did not believe Fatima posed much threat to greater Austrian society noting that he found it unlikely she would ever go into the Stephansdom square, which is the central square in Vienna, and blow herself up. Fatima told the court that she had in fact given up on the ideology of Islamism, which was also one of the reasons the judge awarded her a lesser punishment.

As Breitbart has previously reported there is a lot of concern in Austria with Islamic Kindergartens teaching pro-ISIS propaganda and radical Islamic beliefs. A study on the subject by University of Vienna academic Ednan Aslan provoked questions about the role of the kindergartens in teaching radical Islamic beliefs. Austria’s 29 year old foreign minister Sebastian Kurz warned that without action there could be a large possibility of “parallel societies emerging,” in the alpine state.

The professors report showed that the majority of teachers and assistants int he Islamic kindergartens were women who accepted a radical form of Islam known as Salafism and taught children according to those principles. Many of the women in the report could hardly speak the German language at all. The revelations that someone with direct links to the Islamic State may yet further provoke the Austrian government to examine the Islamic Kindergartens and stop what Professor Aslan called a deep seated “naivety” in their approach to radical Islam.

Shortly after the information was released regarding her employment the kindergarten who was aware of her arrest and conviction soon decided to end her role with them due to media exposure.

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