Petition We the British Public Demand the Right to Fly to Sharm el Sheikh

We as British citizens demand the flight restrictions are removed from all UK flights to Sharm El Sheikh. We are willing to travel and have flights and holidays booked.

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This a letter sent from United Copts trustee to his MP, here is a copy for guidance

Please send a letter to your MP to complain about the UK government decision to halt flights to Sharm Al-Sheik

Dear ....

Halting flights to Sharm Al-Sheik

I have watched this scenario unfold and I am appalled by the double standard her Majesty's government has dealt with this mater.

Worse has since happened in Paris, Turkey, Indonesia, and last in Belgium.  None of these countries with serious lapses of security have suffered such sanctions from the British government as Egypt.  The economic hardship inflicted on Egypt is immeasurable.

This is a country who is an ally to the UK with which our navy has just recently had a joint naval exercise with.

Also Britain is the top investor in Egypt.

I would be grateful if you could let me know at least why we have this double standard in our foreign policy, which sooner or later will damage relations with an important ally against terrorism.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely,

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