Pakistani Muslim convicted of plot to blow up Manhattan subway 

Same media obfuscation in the original headline that I noted here. He didn't do all this because he is a Pakistani immigrant, or a high school dropout. He did all this because he believed that it was a proper response for him to make as a Muslim to the perceived injustice of Abu Ghraib. "Pakistani immigrant convicted in NYC plot," from AP, with thanks to Andrew Bostom: 

Moroccan police arrest man for allegedly threatening teacher in France 

Herald Tribune 

PARIS: Moroccan police have arrested a man suspected of sending death threats to a French philosophy teacher who has been in hiding since September after airing his thoughts about Islam in a newspaper, the daily Le Parisien reported Tuesday. 

Egyptian court rejects appeal for political recognition by 12 parties  

Gulf News 

Cairo: An Egyptian court on Saturday rejected appeals by 12 political parties against the decision of a committee dominated by the country's ruling party that denied them official recognition, judicial sources said. 

France: resolution of Mideast conflict will not end global terror


An official report published recently by the French government says that resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not bring an end to the threat of global terrorism.


UK protester regrets call to bomb US

Gulf News 

LONDON: A British Muslim said yesterday he regretted calling for the United States and Denmark to be bombed during a protest in London last year against publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad. 


Muslim on racial hatred charges. Protester ‘urged bombing of the US

 Times on Line 

A Muslim protester called for the bombing of Denmark and the United States during a demonstration against the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad, the Old Bailey was told yesterday. Umran Javed is accused of soliciting to murder unbelievers and Danes and Americans, and of inciting racial hatred, in a speech outside the Danish Embassy in Central London in February last year.    

Somali Islamist support retreating Somali Islamists regime


Many of the Somalians living in Oslo strongly support the Islamist regime now on the run in their homeland.Zakharia Ahmed (left) and his friend Ibrahim claim that support for the Islamists in Somalia is widespread.  

Revered Saudi cleric denounces Shi'ites as infidels 


An influential cleric of Saudi Arabia's hardline Sunni school of Islam has denounced Shi'ite Muslims as "infidels" in a new religious edict that comes amid rising sectarian tension in the region. 

Muslims claim police bias for being held at airport for 20 minutes  

The Independent 

A Muslim couple who missed a flight out of Britain after being detained under terrorism laws said yesterday they plan to take legal action against the police.  

British Muslims refuse washing hands with disinfectants in hospitals on religious ground 


Muslims in British hospitals are apparently refusing to wash their hands when visiting sick relatives in hospitals.    Dispensers containing anti-bacterial gel have been placed outside wards at hospitals all over Britain in a bid to get rid of superbugs like MRSA and PVL. It prevents people bringing in more infections.  

We now understand that Mr. Magdi Girgis Fam was released on 27/12/06 at about 6pm Egyptian time after approx. 29hours in police custody.

Spain: Muslims Appeal for Use of Córdoba Cathedral  

REUTERS Published: December 27, 2006

Spanish Muslims said they had appealed to Pope Benedict XVI to be allowed to prostrate themselves in worship in Córdoba Cathedral, built as a mosque in southern Spain during the nation’s centuries of Islamic rule and converted into a church in the 13th century.



magdi g-famUnited Copts of Great Britain demand the immediate release of Mr. Magdi Girgis Fam the correspondent of "Sot-Elmohager" News Paper in Alexandria, Egypt who was arrested at about 1pm 26th December 2006 Egyptian timeand currently held in Bab-Shark Police Station in Alexandria without charge he was prevented from seeing his lawyer and relatives and The United Copts of Great Britain  reminds everyone that the Egyptian constitution and international agreements prohibits torture.


veilVeils to be lifted at British airports 

United Press 

LONDON, Dec. 24 (UPI) -- Immigration officers at British airports will begin lifting the veils of passengers to verify identity, The Scotsman said Sunday.  

Mohammed overtakes George in list of most popular names 


Mohammed, and its most common alternative spelling Muhammad, are now more popular babies' names in England and Wales than George, reflecting the diverse ethnic mix of the population. 

جريمة بشعة في أحد أحياء لندن الكبرى أودت بحياة السيدة ليلى رزق
 لندن – اقلاديوس ابراهيم:

هزت الوجدان الانساني في بريطانيا جريمة قتل بشعة ارتكبها وحش بشري، منزوع القلب والضمير، واحتلت الصدارة في نشرات اخبار تلفزيون وراديو هيئة الاذاعة البريطانية BBC والقناة المستقلة ITV . كما افردت لها الصحف البريطانية مساحات كبيرة أياماً متتالية، منذ وقوعها يوم الاربعاء 29 نوفمبر2006، وتتكهن تقارير التحقيقات الاولية أن القاتل المجرم وجه لكمات قاتلة لرأس الضحية السيدة ليلى رزق في منزلها الكائن بأحد الاحياء الهادئة والراقية بمنطقة كينجستون (جنوب غرب العاصمة لندن).

Forced Labor Charges Brought Against Saudi Princess Living in US  


According to a press release, Hana F. al Jader, a Saudi Princess, was arrested today on charges of forced labor. According to the allegation, al Jader used coercion to keep two Indonesian women as domestic servants.  

Tony Blair: 'Wake Up' to Iran's Extremism  


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair wrapped up a Middle East tour Wednesday with a blunt speech warning that the world faces a monumental struggle between moderates and extremists - and labeling Iran the main obstacle to hopes for peace. 

هدم منزل مسيحي في المنيا بعد انتشار إشاعة أنه كنيسة!!ة

مجرد اشاعة انطلقت بين مسلمين قرية كوم اللوف بمركز سمالوط محافظة المنيا بان منزل عم سعد كامل شحاتة سيتحول الي كنيسة للقرية تبني تحت ستار الليل وبدأ بعدها التآمر والتخطيط لهدم المنزل المذكور اتجه سعد كامل شحاتة فلاح في العقد السادس من عمره لنقطة الشرطة التي قامت بابلاغ المركز ومكتب مباحث امن الدولة بالمركز

Jordan tourist attacker to hang   

BBC News 

Police arrested the gunman at the scene of the shooting A Jordanian court has sentenced a man to death by hanging for a gun attack that killed a British tourist visiting Amman and injured six other people. Nabil Ahmad Jaoura, a Jordanian of Palestinian origin, is said to have been motivated by anger at Western policies towards Arabs in the region.  

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