Cairo native speaks out against radical Muslims

Central Florida Future. By Monique Valdes


Nonie Darwish, a former member of jihad who has witnessed firsthand the power of radical Islam, came to UCF to ask students and guests one question: Why?

The New York Observer

Spotted Piglet Hiccups: Boozy Breslin Clashes With Mosque

By Meredith Bryan

The much-hyped, soon-to-open Breslin restaurant, situated in the 12-story Ace Hotel on Broadway and 29th, is giving members of the Masjid Ar-Rahman mosque across the street some agita. “Five times a day, there’s a hundred cabs on the street—the good news is you can always get a cab,” co-owner Ken Friedman told the Transom the other evening. He said some mosque visitors “object to seeing people drink alcohol.”

Italy: 'No to teaching of Islam in schools', says minister







Italy's interior minister Roberto Maroni from the anti-immigrant Northern League party said he would not back a proposal to teach Islam in Italian schools to improve integration.

Dutch MP overturns UK entry ban

Far-right Dutch MP Geert Wilders has won an appeal against a Home Office decision barring his entry to the UK.

The Asylum and Immigration Tribunal ruling overturns a government decision that led to Mr Wilders being turned back at Heathrow in February.

Dashti seeks to scrap sharia controls in election law

Kuwait Times 

Published Date: October 12, 2009
By B Izzak, Staff Writer

KUWAIT: Liberal female MP Rula Dashti yesterday submitted an amendment to the first article of the election law to scrap a requirement that women must comply to sharia controls. The amendment simply calls for having the same article one of the election law without a reference to sharia guidelines for women that was added in May 2005 when women were granted rights in a historic vote in the Assembly.

Kuwaiti MP seeks to scrap Sharia controls in election law

Rula Dashti

KUWAIT CITY — Kuwaiti female lawmaker Rula Dashti on Sunday submitted an amendment to the Gulf state electoral law that aims to scrap a requirement that women must comply with Islamic Sharia law guidelines.

Police in warning ahead of protest against radical Islam in Manchester

Police are warning troublemakers to steer clear of a planned demonstration against "radical Islam".

The English Defence League (EDL), an organisation which opposes "radical Muslims" and Sharia law, is staging a protest in Manchester city centre.


Church may be Forced to Close over Muslim Neighbour Singing Complaint

A LONDON Church was effectively ‘silenced’ by a Court after a decision by Magistrates to uphold a noise abatement notice, not to play excessive sound, after just one Muslim neighbour complained about noise levels of worship in a church which was next door to the house he purchased.

Egypt Police Detain Muslim In Murder Of Christian

By Worthy News Staff

Worthy News)-- Egyptian police have detained a Muslim man who allegedly killed a Coptic Christian and seriously injured two other Copts in two different villages, north of the capital Cairo, Christians said Wednesday September 23.


Christians face trial for criticising Islam 

Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang 





The Christian Institute is backing a new and significant religious liberty case.

A Christian couple from Liverpool are being prosecuted for a criminal offence because they defended their faith and criticised Islam.

Belatedly, Egypt Spots Flaws in Wiping Out Pigs

New York Times

 Shawn Baldwin for The New York Times
Pigs were the champion garbage consumers in Cairo. Goats just don't seem up to the task.


CAIRO — It is unlikely anyone has ever come to this city and commented on how clean the streets are. But this litter-strewn metropolis is now wrestling with a garbage problem so severe it has managed to incite its weary residents and command the attention of the president

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Bishop of Rochester to aid persecuted Christians in Islamic world


Dr Michael Nazir-Ali, who is about to retire as the Bishop of Rochester, is to set up a charity to work with persecuted Christians in the Islamic world.

Dr Nazir-Ali, who will leave next week a few days after his 60th birthday, says that he has paid a heavy price for standing up for Christian values and has been stung by criticism of some of his controversial statements — but that he has no regrets.

Indonesian Smugglers 'Hid Heroin In Koran'

Sky News Logo 

A man and his mother-in-law have been arrested for attempting to smuggle thousands of pounds worth of heroin concealed within a copy of the Koran.


The Koran

Heroin bags were found hidden in the pages of the Koran

Egyptian Coptic Christians Protest for Human Rights, Equality, as President Obama Meets Mubarak


Washington DC: August 19, 2009. (Jeffery Imm, REAL report) Egyptian Coptic leaders included Voice of the Copts' president Dr. Ashraf Ramelah and National American Coptic Assembly's Morris Sadek, representatives of the American Coptic Union, and other Egyptian Coptic leaders representing the Coptic American organizations around the country. Responsible for Equality And Liberty's Jeffrey Imm and other human rights supporters also joined this protest. The August 18 protest near the White House followed an August 17, 2009 press conference by Coptic leaders at the National Press Club in Washington, DC.

Rotterdam fires Tariq Ramadan over Iranian TV show


By Mark Hoogstad













The Rotterdam city government wants to break ties with the Muslim philosopher Tariq Ramadan, sources at city hall say.

Ramadan (46) has been an adviser on integration for the city of Rotterdam for two years. Recently, he has come under criticism because he hosts a weekly talk show on the Iranian TV station PressTV, which is financed by the Tehran regime.

French minister calls for full ban on burka: report

French minister Fadela Amara, speaks to journalists

LONDON — A ban on wearing the all covering burka in France would stem the spread of what French minister Fadela Amara called the "cancer" of radical Islam, a report quoted her as saying Saturday.


Tears of joy

The Fawzy brothers, after 14 months of unjustified detention, are finally back home  

By-Tereza Kamal

“Let us give thanks to the Maker of all good things…”

Letter to President Obama on Religious Liberty in Egypt Prior to Meeting with President Mubarak



The Honorable Barack H. Obama
President of the United States of America
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Obama,

Coptics prepare for Washington demonstration

Coptics prepare for Washington demonstration

By: A staff reporter.

Coptic Christians are preparing for peaceful mass demonstration in Washington as the Egyptian President makes a state visit to the USA.  

Egyptian MP, Mostafa El Fiky, Threatens Coptic journalist with Lawsuit and Calls her a Traitor

Dear friends and colleagues: below is my blog on an interesting encounter with Dr. Mostafa El Fiky, head of the foreign affairs committee of the Egyptian parliament, who is currently visiting Washington DC.  I welcome your feedback. 

Feel free to circulate.

Mostafa El Fiky—Fraudulently Elected MP Tells Coptic Community in Washington He Wouldn’t “Mind” a Coptic Prime Minister (no such luck for a Coptic president) & Accuses me of Being a Traitor (apparently still sore over his dishonorable mention in the WP)

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