Copts in France protest against the Copts massacre in Maspero cairo 2011


dr raafat gendy on hiwar tv
د. رافت جندى أقباط متحدون بريطانيا
على قناة الحوالر أثر مذبحة ماسبيرو 13 أكتوبر 2011
maspero massacre debate, islam channel
Debate on the event and the reasons behind Maspero massacre
with Ibrahim Habib United Copts,
Dr Adel Abbas Conservative Muslims and
Dr Mohammed Ghanem Moslem Brotherhood
Debate also included Shura and democracy and freedom of religion.
raaafat gendy on islam channel 1
Dr Raafat Gendy United Copts GB
Analysis of the Maspero Massacre with John Rees
On Islam Channel 11 October 2011


عضو البرلمان الاوروبى بيتر فان دالين يتحدث عن مذبحة ماسبيرو

ومطالب الاتحاد الاوروبى لاعضاء الاتحاد الاوروبى للهيئات القبطية لحقوق الانسان

House of Lords discusses Maspero riots and army killing of Copts initiated by Baroness Berridge in the House of Lords on Tuesday 18 October.


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Full recodring of London Protest 16 Oct part 1

Copts in UK Protesting the killing of innocent protesters by the Islamists and the Egyptian army in Maspero.

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Brief 3 videos from youtube, full video to follow
Copts protest London 16 October 2011 against
firing on peacful protesters and running them over with armoured vehicles
In Maspero
demo 16 oct london

Video 1 Video 2  Video3

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مصفحات الجيش المصرى تدهس الاقباط العزل 

BBC News channel 10th October 2011




Please stop religious apartheid in

Egypt Shame on you Egyptian army and policeBeating up viciously

Christians peacefully protesting the burning of church in Edfu

Why you do not arrest the mob who burnt the church?

Why do not you arrest the mosque imam who incited and urged the burning of church?

Is Egypt becoming a State who sponsor of terrorism?




جلسة استماع فى الكونجرس الامريكى

عن اسلمة وخطف القبطيات القاصرات بالإرهاب والاغراء والابتزاز

واقتراحات بربط المساعدات بالإلتزام بالحريات الدينية والمساواة

US Congressional hearing about kidnapping

  Coptic minor girls and their forced islamisation  

 by terrorism and blackmail



congessman chris smith




Jean Maher testimony


congress hearing jeam maher

On 24 May, following Imbaba churches attack
House of Commons debate treatment of Christians



"There is violent persecution of Christians across the world. There are numerous areas of great concern."


"Hate education fomented by Islamist opinion is causing many of these problems."


"Egypt is particularly crucial because a significant minority are Christians—Copts and Catholics."


"Recently, the MEP Peter van Dalen urged the EU to make more rights for the Egyptian Coptic community a policy priority and to develop a strategy for religious freedom. Mr van Dalen pointed out that more concrete European action is needed as the position of Christians worsens across the world."


"We Hope to see international action to stem it, and the promotion of inclusivity rather than expelling people on religious grounds."

Baroness Cox Lords 23 6


Baroness Cox: There have been at least 20

documented attacks against religious minorities.


Lord Alton of Liverpool: The campaign of asphyxiation

against the ancient churches throughout the whole of

the Middle East is something that

we need to give much more focus to.


Baroness Berridge: The Foreign Office should

 appoint a special envoy for international freedom,

religion and belief.

Transcript of debate  

BBC Raafat Gendy
عمر حمزاوى: مدنية الدولة - المساواة بين المواطنين - سيادة القانون -
الحريات الاساسية وحقوق الانسان - فصل السلطات ونبذ العنف مبادئ فوق دستوية
لا يمكن المساس بها
د. رأفت جندى: ندين استغلال الدين فى الحملة الانتخابية
هل وصول حزب ذو مرجعية دينية تهديد للديموقراطية؟


A Salafi Sheikh caught on camera inciting Muslims


to burn churches in Embaba, Cairo,


Why he is immune from prosecution?


We demand justice here. We demand justice.



Abu Annas


الشيخ أشرف أبوأنس متلبس بالتحريض على حرق كنائس امبابه


الفيديو مترجم للإنجليزية


أشهدوا العالم على مايحدث من تحريض وقتل وحرق 




مظاهرات المصريين امام السفارة المصرية 22 مايو 2011


From London
awrak masriah raafat gendy
video double click to watch
From London
debate on islam channel
A debate between secularist and Islamists

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