USCRIF Report about Egypt 2007


Serious problems of discrimination, intolerance, and other human rights violations against members of religious minorities, as well as non-conforming Muslims, remain widespread in Egypt. Over the past few years, the Egyptian government has adopted several measures toacknowledge the religious pluralism of Egypt’s society, including increased efforts in promoting interfaith activity. Yet the government has not taken sufficient steps to halt repression of and discrimination against religious believers, including the indigenous Coptic Orthodox Christians,or, in many cases, to punish those responsible for violence or other severe violations of religiousfreedom.




Country Reports on Human Rights Practices  - 2006
Released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor
March 6, 2007


alexandria events


Egypt: International Religious Freedom Report 2006

Released by the US Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

Egypt: International Religious Freedom Report 2006

Remarks by Commissioner Elizabeth Prodromou Human Right Caucus 

Before the Congressional Human Rights Caucus Of the United States House of Representatives

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

تقرير الدكتور جمال العطيفى * عن أحداث الخانكة الطائفية 1972

تقرير الدكتور جمال العطيفى *
رئيس لجنة تقصي الحقائق خول الحداث الطئفية في مركز الخانكة 1972


Report: for year 2006 is the most condemning to the Egyptian government policies in cutailing freedoms. For full details please read:

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