Saudi Policeman cuts daughter’s tongue, burns her to death


The father was a member of the Mutaween (Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice) so what does that tell you?

Her crime? Converting to Christianity. “Saudi man kills daughter for converting to Christianity,” by Mariam Al Hakeem for Zawya, August 13:

UK: Islamist threat to behead prison officer

Islamist extremists are threatening to take a prison officer hostage and behead him on camera, it has been reported.


Prison authorities have compiled an action plan for dealing with a kidnap plot involving radicalised Muslim convicts inside Britain's jails.

INDONESIA: Thousands of Christians take to the street against application of Islamic law

Asia News: by Mathias Hariyadi

In the Indonesian Papua, Christians are opposing the possible introduction of sharia. The provincial government is reassuring them, but many doubts remain.

Bosnia: Muslims dominate capital, claims Croatian MP (Ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims now complete)


The Bosnian capital of Sarajevo, once a symbol of ethnic diversity, has become an entirely Muslim city, a Croat deputy in the Bosnian Parliament, Branko Zrno, said on Wednesday.

Italy: 5 arrested on suspicion of planning attacks

Associated Press 

ROME - Police broke up a suspected terror cell Saturday and arrested five North Africans, including the alleged leader who Italian officials said recruited Islamic extremists for attacks in Iraq and Afghanistan.


Hosts of house church succumb to injuries following raid; daughter still in custody.

Chrisian couples' gravesite

Christian couples' gravesite


ISTANBUL, (Compass Direct News) – An Iranian Christian couple in their 60s died last week from injuries sustained when secret police raided a house church service hosted at their house and severely beat them, a source told Compass.

'UK faces threat from British Muslims returning from Afghan'


Economic Times 


LONDON: The UK faces serious security threat from British Muslim extremists returning from Afghanistan after fighting alongside Taliban, a top British commander has said.

Al-Qaida announces deaths of 4 commanders including Abu Khabab al-Masri

Associated Press 

CAIRO, Egypt — Al-Qaida confirmed in a Web statement Sunday the death of a senior commander known as a top explosives and poisons expert, who is believed to have been killed in a U.S. airstrike in Pakistan last week.

Christian girls forced to convert to Islam


Christian girls Saba Younis, 13, and Anila Younis, 10, were kidnapped by a Muslim and sold to another who forced them to convert to Islam. Saba Younis was also forced to marry against her will. The courts will not remand girls to their father's custody.

UK Muslims found aiding Taliban war

Sunday Sun 

British Muslims are actively supporting the Taliban and al-Qaeda in attacks on coalition forces in Afghanistan, says the former commander of UK forces.

Brigadier Ed Butler claimed British troops had also uncovered evidence that militant Islamic groups in Helmand province are suspected of assisting terrorist plots in the UK.

Taliban threatens to disfigure un-veiled women with acid 

Daily Times 

LAHORE: Tehreek-e-Islami Taliban Pakistan (TITP) has distributed a fifteen-days notice to several “un-Islamic” businesses in Kot Addu to shut down or face dire consequences.

Syrian national jailed in Britain for bomb-making


LONDON - A Syrian national who attempted to make bombs for Al-Qaeda-style attacks was jailed for seven years by a British court Wednesday, after being found guilty of terrorism offences.

C.I.A. Outlines Pakistan Links With Militants

New York Times 

WASHINGTON — A top Central Intelligence Agency official traveled secretly to Islamabad this month to confront Pakistan’s most senior officials with new information about ties between the country’s powerful spy service and militants operating in Pakistan’s tribal areas, according to American military and intelligence officials.

UK: First sharia-compliant insurance firm launched

LONDON (AFP) — Britain's first sharia-compliant insurance company was launched Monday, offering motoring policies in line with the Islamic legal code.

Salaam Halal insurance uses Takaful principles, whereby the risk is spread between all policy holders. In contrast, conventional insurance policies shift the risk from the policy holder to the insurance firm.

Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide: Bin Laden a Jihad Fighter

World Threats 

The Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood organization, Muhammad Mahdi Akef, recently gave an interview where he said numerous things debunking the “moderate” label the West has given him. Among the highlights:

UK: Killing for religion is justified, say third of Muslim students

A third of Muslim students in Britain believe killing someone in the name of religion is justified, a new poll claims.

Telegraph  By Patrick Sawer

The survey found that extreme Islamist ideology has a profound influence on a significant minority of Muslims on campuses across the country.

Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood goes on-line on Facebook


Cairo, 25 July (AKI) - The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has launched a discussion forum on Facebook, the popular social networking website.

A group of young Muslims decided to put the Muslim Brotherhood on Facebook after they received the go-ahead to do so from the Brotherhood's second-in-command, Muhammad Habib.

Christian teenager beaten to death for relationship with Muslim girl



LAHORE, Pakistan (ROD) July 18th: The corpse of a Christian youngster Peter 19 has been hauled out of a canal after he was brutally beaten to death in an 'honour killing' for courting a Muslim girl of 19, whose name is kept secret and Christian boy’s name is changed due to some security/ legal reasons. This gruesome episode took place here at Lahore, Pakistan, ROD has learnt.

Afghanistan's 'pristine jihad' draws in outsiders trained in Pakistan

Afghani warlord insurgents are being bolstered by men from Saudi Arabia, Chechnya, Turkey and Pakistan
 Afghani warlord insurgents are being bolstered by men from Saudi Arabia, Chechnya, Turkey and Pakistan

Afghanistan is replacing Iraq as the destination of choice for international jihadists, Western intelligence agencies claim. Analysts have monitored a surge in online recruitment of “lions of Islam” to join the war in Afghanistan through jihadist websites, particularly in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Chechnya and Turkey, in the past year.

80% of Islamic literature in Russian offers wahabi ideas - expert



Chelyabinsk, July 22, Interfax - Eighty percent of Muslim literature published in Russia reflects ideas and principles of wahhabism, islamologist Roman Silantyev said.

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