Morocco: Women must not marry non-Muslim European men, says imam


Rabat, 25 June  (AKI) - An imam in Morocco's eastern city of Fez has said that marriages between Moroccan women and European men who are not Muslims are forbidden under Islam.

Each summer in Morocco, a growing number of local women are reportedly marrying young European men.

Youth walks free after gang attack on priest

 Michael Ainsworth


A drunken teenager who beat up a priest walked free yesterday after the judge accepted the attack was a 'one-off mistake'. Babul Islam was one of three Asian youths who attacked Canon Michael Ainsworth in his churchyard.


Man gets 22 years for plotting California attacks

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP)

One of four men accused of plotting from behind bars to attack military sites, synagogues and other targets in California was sentenced Monday to 22 years in federal prison.Levar Haley Washington, 30, was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Cormac J. Carney after pleading guilty last year to conspiring to levy war against the United States and using a firearm to further the conspiracy.

Terrorism: Al-Qaeda leader calls for new jihad in Somalia


Dubai, 23 June (AKI) - A senior al-Qaeda leader, Abu Yahya al-Libi, has released a video on Islamist websites calling for a new jihad in Somalia.

Muslim convert 'recruits' inmates

Whitemoor Prison has a high number of Muslim inmates

Prison doorBBC news 

A former British National Party activist who converted to Islam in jail is trying to radicalise young prisoners, the BBC has learned.

Inmate Stephen Jones is being held in a segregation unit at Whitemoor Prison, Cambridgeshire, the BBC has been told.

Muslim extremist Abu Qatada to receive £8,000 incapacity benefits a year - for his bad back

Daily Mail 

Qatada: The fanatic is accused of plotting atrocities in JordanAbu Qatada is to receive almost £8,000 a year in benefits because he has a bad back.

The fanatical cleric, said to be Osama Bin Laden’s ambassador in Europe, will get £150 a week of taxpayer’s cash after being released from jail last week.

Young Muslims 'are turning to extremism'

Extremists are winning the battle for the hearts and minds of Britain's young Muslims, a disturbing police report warns.

Young Muslim boys hold placards demanding 'Justice for Muslins' : Young Muslims 'are turning to extremism'

Young Muslim boys are seen at a demonstration in London

Increasing numbers have become so alienated from mainstream society that they could even lend their support to jihadi terrorism, the study claims.

The radical Islamist preacher Abu Qatada has been released from jail.

Abu Qatada 
Qatada must wear tag, must not attend a mosque
BBC News  

Abu Qatada, 47, was freed from Long Lartin Prison, in Worcestershire, at about 2020 BST after winning his fight against deportation from Britain.

A senior judge earlier signed papers authorising the release of Abu Qatada, previously described as Osama Bin Laden's right-hand man in Europe.

Canada: Muslim arrested at airport with handgun in carry-on luggage

A man was arrested at the Calgary International Airport Tuesday after a handgun was detected in his carry-on luggage.Security officers in a pre-boarding screening area at concourse D noticed the gun inside the luggage and alerted police just after noon Tuesday.

Mohamed To Admit Terrorism Support

Bedier%26MSA.jpgTampa Bay on line 

TAMPA - A former University of South Florida student has agreed to plead guilty to a charge he provided support to terrorists when he posted an Internet video showing how to detonate a bomb with a remote-controlled toy, according to a plea agreement entered in the case Friday.

Ahmed Mohamed, an Egyptian citizen,

Muslim children in Britain 'brought up to hate their homeland'


 The teachings of Omar Bakri Mohammed are popular on radical sites

 Teachings of Omar Bakri are popular

Radical British Muslims have formed chatrooms to discuss adopting orphans and bringing up children to be Islamic fighters, a study has found.

Discussions on a number of radical websites have asked how children should be brought up to be "mujahideen" and whether they should be pulled out of mainstream schools.

1,000 inmates escape from Afghan prison after blast

Canadian troops search Kandahar after massive jail break

The wing of Kandahar's Sarpoza Prison, shown in 2007, where Taliban fighters and others deemed to be a threat to national security were held.

 The wing of Kandahar's Sarpoza Prison

Doug Schmidt, Canwest News Service 

KANDAHAR CITY, Afghanistan - Canadian soldiers joined allied and Afghan national security forces in a sweeping door-to-door urban hunt for hundreds of escaped prisoners Friday after the Taliban staged a daring mass breakout at Kandahar City’s Sarposa Prison.

A suicide bomber drove to the prison’s main entrance and detonated his vehicle Friday around 9:30 p.m. local time.



Morocco court jails 29 for 'terrorism intent'

ABC News 

A court in Morocco has convicted 29 men of forming a group with the intent to carry out terrorist attacks.

The men belonged to a group known as the Tetouan Cell and were given prison sentences of between one and eight years.

Islamic fanatics are openly using the internet to recruit children in Britain, says Civitas

Daily Mail 

Islamic extremists in Britain are openly trying to recruit children via the internet, a report warns.

They are using websites which carry messages of hate from terror suspects, according to the respected Civitas think-tank.

US think tank: Pakistan helped Taliban insurgents


KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - Pakistani intelligence agents and paramilitary forces have helped train Taliban insurgents and have given them information about American troop movements in Afghanistan, said a report published Monday by a U.S. think tank.

Radical Islamic in Netherlands

Netherlands have started feeling the toll of the short-sighted decision made by their politicians. The Turks and the Moroccans who were allowed to migrate into the country have started acting as radical Islamics against the same government..

Meri News  

THE GENESIS of the fundamentalist Islam in Netherlands is a direct result of the short sighted policies pursued by the Dutch politicians in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Pakistan: Girls’ school blown up in Dir

pakistan Daily Times 

TIMERGARA: Unknown militants on Friday morning blew up a Girls’ school in Upper Dir. However, no loss of life was reported. Local police officials said unknown militants detonated a four-room girls middle school, which completely destroyed the school building. Dir Bala police have registered a case and started investigation. app

UK: claims he only planned small bomb at Houses of Parliament as publicity stunt for movie he was making

CBC News This undated image was taken from what prosecutors say is a suicide video, in which Abdullah Ahmed Ali tells unbelievers they should be punished.A 27-year-old man accused of planning to bomb North America-bound airliners, including flights that prosecutors say were headed for Montreal and Toronto, said on Monday he was planning a publicity stunt, not mass murder.

Dozens of insurance companies seek to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for charities that funded jihadist attacks, including 9/11 

Pinning the blame for 9/11

Less than a mile from the mournful place in Lower Manhattan where the World Trade Center came crashing to the ground, in a hushed federal courthouse, a small band of Philadelphia lawyers is prying loose secrets of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

Pakistan's army, paramilitary forces "may be aiding Taliban fighters"

U.S. questions Pakistan force's allegiance, funding


A U.S.-backed paramilitary force in Pakistan's lawless border area may be aiding Taliban fighters, according to American officials who say the support may cause Congress to freeze some security funds for Islamabad.

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