'Terror ringleader' is brilliant NHS doctor

Daily Mail 


Dr Mohammed Asha: Arrested on the M6

Five Doctors Held Over terror Attacks

Sky News 

Five doctors are now being held in connection with the recent attempted terror attacks - one is an Iraqi doctor who trained in Baghdad.

Bilal Abdullah is detained outside Glasgow airport
Bilal Abdullah is detained outside Glasgow airport

Nicked: Terroist Doctor and wife in a burka

The Sun 

THE suspected ringleader of a plot to unleash a blitz of car bombs on Britain is an Iranian doctor arrested with his burka-clad wife.

Neurologist Dr Mohammed Asha, 26, and his wife, 27, were dramatically held as they drove on the M6 in Cheshire with their two-year-old son.

Two Terror Suspects Are Hospital Doctors

Two of the five terror suspects being held in the wake of the failed car bombings in London and Glasgow are hospital doctors working in the UK.

Police confident in bombers hunt

 BBC News 

Glasgow and London are becoming "ever clearer", the UK's top counter-terrorism officer has said.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Peter Clarke said he was "absolutely confident" of uncovering details of the attackers' methods and network.

UK terror threat now 'critical'

BBc News 

The UK's national terrorism threat has been raised to its highest level after an attack on Glasgow Airport was linked to two car bombs found in London.

Glasgow airport

Two men were arrested after ramming a burning car into the airport's main terminal, a day after police thwarted two attempted bombings in the capital. 

Bomb Designed To Cause Devastation

Report: 6-year-old recruited as suicide bomber
'When they first put the vest on my body I didn't know what to think'

6-year-old Juma Gil (Courtesy
CBN News)

Shocked American and Afghan troops are affirming the story of a 6-year-old boy who says he was recruited by the Taliban for a suicide bomb attack against U.S. soldiers.

Al Qaeda in Egypt Leader Calls for Attacks On Women and Children

Blogs ABC News June 25, 2007 11:53 AM

Hoda Osman and Maddy Sauer Report:

Alqaedainegy_mn_2 The Egyptian militant who leads the group he calls "Al Qaeda in Egypt" has called for his followers to launch attacks in Egypt to "strike against all Zionist-Crusader targets" there, including women and children.

Internet spreads terror to Britain

 Sunday Telegraph 

It is 11pm on Tuesday and Omar Bakri Mohammed's loyal band of followers hunch over computers and laptops at secret locations across Britain to listen to his defiant message to the west.

Swiss trial convicts two Muslims accused of supporting terror on Internet

Associated Press 

A Swiss court on Thursday convicted two Muslims for supporting a criminal organization by running Web sites that posted statements from al-Qaida-linked groups and showed executions.

Muslim Mob Burns St George's Cross On Streets Of London


Extremist British Muslims called for the Queen to "Go to Hell" as they burnt the flag of St George on the streets of London.

The furious mob waved placards and chanted angrily in protest over Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie being given a knighthood.

Muslim officer is first on the beat donning hijab in UK

Cambridge News 

RUKSHANA Begum is, without question, one of a kind. This week, the 23-year-old will become the first police officer ever to wear the Muslim hijab, or headscarf, on duty in Cambridgeshire. And she can't wait.

The Coptic Doctor incarcerated in Saudi Arabia 

A story of persecution of non-Muslims and Islamisation by coercion 

As told by him through a friend

Source Copts-United of Canada

Dear Reader,  This is the story of Dr. M. Fahmy and what has happened to him in his own words.

Gaza's Christians fear for their lives

Jerosaleim Post 

Christians living in Gaza City on Monday appealed to the international community to protect them against increased attacks by Muslim extremists. Many Christians said they were prepared to leave the Gaza Strip as soon as the border crossings are reopened.

Egypt’s religious tensions erupt into violence
Reda Fahmi, a Coptic Christian from the southern town of Madamud near the historic city of Luxor, was ordered by a judge to give back land to Mohie Abul Magd, a Muslim, following a legal dispute between the two, the source said which then led to the violent clashes. Fahmi, along with family members and supporters then tried to reclaim the land by force, resulting in a clash between both parties in which six Muslims and seven Copts were injured.

Mobs Attack Egyptian Churches near Alexandria

Government forces act quickly to halt second incident in one week.

by Peter Lamprecht

ISTANBUL, June 15 (Compass Direct News) – Muslim rioters attacked two Coptic Orthodox churches, damaged Christian-owned shops and injured seven Christians in two unrelated incidents in northern Egypt during the past week, local Christians said.


UK al-Qaeda cell members jailed

 BBC News 

Seven men have been jailed for up to 26 years over an al-Qaeda-linked plot to kill thousands in the UK and US.

Woolwich Crown Court heard they were in a "sleeper cell" led by Dhiren Barot, who is already serving a life sentence.

Private undercover team exposes nationwide network of radical, anti-U.S. Islamic centers

Insight Mag. 

A file photo shows Muslims gathering for prayer at the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan. (AFP/Getty Images/Bill Pugliano)


Hundreds of Islamic centers in the United States have become a hot-bed of extremist activity; they promote violence, terrorism and hatred against America. 

Woman in UK 'groomed' as bomber

 BBC News 

The former wife of a British Islamist extremist has said her husband suggested she carry out a suicide bombing against the UK.

Speaking exclusively to the BBC's Newsnight programme, the woman said her husband showed how she should strap an explosive belt around her body.

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