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12th May 2007  

10 injured and 48 houses and 7 shops belong to Christians burned following turning a house to church in Behma, Ayat district in Egypt. 

Christians in Behma Village live a real hardship following the attack by Muslims on them, and the burning of 48 houses and shops belong to Christians. The attack following Christians turning an old house to a church, the building followed a long awaited acceptance from President Mubarak and the State Security Police. 

The attack on Christians was well organised and the houses set on fire was coordinated that the fire destroyed the properties in a short time. Several livestock were burned a live. 

Ten Christians were injured. Two of the injured are in serious condition, injured were transported to Salaam hospital and Om-Elmasreen hospital in Giza. 

The names of the injured: Mrs Sahar Aziz Badao (Stab injury if face and leg) Mrs Mariam Ragheb (broken arm) Mr Hana Ghali Hana (Broken nose) Mr Samy Erian Shaker (head injury) Mrs Demiana Youssef (bruses) Mr Saber Bekheit Hana (burns) different injuries to Mr Ibrahim Erian, Mr Erian Shaker and Mr Saber Saeed and his mother. 

Sources confirmed that up to 8pm on 11/5/07 police did not arrest any of the perpetrators, the village was surrounded by police, laxity of the Egyptian police to arrest the perpetrators was noticeable. 

The sources said the Emam of the local mosque, who is a government employee, is the person who incited the Muslims and organised the attack raising several questions regarding the choice of emams, their legal responsibilities in the violence and the government reluctance in taking them to court under for Inciting violence, Disturbing the Peace or despising Heavenly Religion under Penal Code 98H charges. 

Barrister Nagiub Gobrael and Lawyer Mamdouh Nakhla and their Human Rights Centre condemned the attack and blamed the Egyptian government for the repeated attacks on Christians by Muslims for building a church. Freedom of Worship should be guaranteed by the Constitution and International Agreements but the Egyptian government does not show any serious attempt in applying them. 

The United Copts of Great Britain condemns the attack on Christians for practising their Right to Worship and demand from the Egyptian government to take real serious steps in this direction rather than glossing over the matter. 

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