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For immediate release

11th October 2006 

The United Copts of Great Britain condemns the persecution and discrimination practiced by Muslim fundamentalist gangs which is being conducted under the nose of the Egyptian police with either the Egyptian police tacit approval or complacency. 

The female child Lawrence Wagih Emil 15 years old from Mahala El-Kobra, Egypt  was kidnapped on 4/10/06 and taken to Helwan district over 100 miles south of Mahala El-Kobra by

Muslim fundamentalists gang who attacked her, kept her under false imprisonment for over 12 hours. 

Lawrence managed later on to escape from her captors , she was kept in a safe place by a Muslim family, the police was informed of the address of her kidnappers but did nothing to apprehend and charge them.  

Lawrence was later on handed over to her family. United Copts GB learnt from reliable sources that the police will not persecute the kidnappers, this is not the first time the police in Egypt turn a blind eye to the persecution of Christians. 

In the eighties and nineties hundreds of innocent Christians were murdered in cold blood, please see a short list of the murderous attacks on Copts on the United Copts web site  http://www.unitedcopts.org/content/view/18/33/ non of the murders were charged and convicted.

The stark example was Al-Kosheh massacre on 2nd Jan 2000 when 21 innocent Christians were killed in their homes or in the fields. Again not a single murderer was persecuted by the Egyptian government. 

For years Copts complained of variable degrees of Egyptian government acceding to the Muslim Fundamentalists agenda. 

This unfortunate policy resulted in Egypt being one of the major exporters of terrorism in the whole world due to fundamentalist abuse of Media and education system, where radicalisation of ordinary Egyptians took place on daily basis for over 30 years. 

Egypt led the way towards spreading Islamic fundamentalism. World wide leaders and figureheads Muslim fundamentalists such as Mohammad Atta who masterminded 9/11 suicide hijacking or Ayman Al-Zawahri Ben Laden lieutenant coming from a country who is considered to be a “Western ally” and the second highest recipient of USA foreign aid after Israel, raises may questions and many eye brows too. 

While the murder of Christians has slowed down in the past years, the last events were on 14/4/06 when churches were attacked in the city of Alexandria by a person carrying two swords, uttering verses from the Quran and attacking Christian worshippers killing one person Noshi Atta Guirguis 78y and injuring many others. The assailant Mahmoud Salah-Eddin Abdel-Raziq 28y was later diagnosed as mentally disturbed.  

On 26/6/06 in Zaqaziq Fouad Fawzi Tawfik was murdered in cold blood in his shop at the hands of a Muslim fundamentalist who stabbed him several times, uttered some Islamic religious verses and left the shop. 

The United Copts of Great Britain condemn the persecution of Copts in Egypt and ask the Egyptian government to provide equal protection to the Copts.  

The United Copts of Great Britain ask the Egyptian government to seriously address this serious issue and also ask Human Rights organisations, governments and all Freedom Loving people to apply pressure on the Egyptian government to stop turning a blind eye to the persecution of religious minorities and to and stop the discrimination/ persecution of Copts in their motherland, and to treat all citizens equally. 

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