Published by Sharon Kamel on Oct 12, 2011


Target: House of Commons, House of Lords and Prime Minister

Region: United Kingdom

Web site: http://www.unitedcopts.org/

Background (Preamble):

The bloody massacre at the hands of the Egyptian Military of Copts in Egypt this past weekend is a devastating but not isolated example of the persecution Copts have suffered for generations in Egypt. Copts have been in Egypt throughout history since the first century and Egypt was an entirely Coptic population historically. In fact the word Coptic directly translated means Egyptian. Copts came before all and any other religions in Egypt. Now a minority, Egypt's Coptic population is being systematically abused and mistreated and the atrocities against human rights has now become a habit and a norm. Help us to fight these attacks on a peaceful people who are asking for their basic human rights to be respected. Help us fight for a peaceful conclusion to the torture, humiliation, grossly immoral and inhumane attacks on the Coptic people of Egypt.


We the undersigned call for the British Government to

1-Apply pressure to the Egyptian government to conduct proper, through and speedy investigation into the 9th of Oct massacre and to bring the perpetrators of violence to speedy justice.

2- To immediately stop the speeches of hate and incitement of violence from Hate sheikhs through mosques, TV channels, CD's and all other media outlet.

3-To send a team of independent international observers to oversea the investigations and to meet with and support the victims of violence.

4- Pressurize the Egyptian government to respect the Rights of minorities and Freedom of Worship including the rights to change ones religion.

5-To threaten the Egyptian government with article 2 of the Euro-Mediterranean Trade agreement which stipulates that the signatories adhere to the international standards of Human Rights.

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