Baroness Caroline Cox statement to the 2 May Demo

May 20th 2011

Dear Friends,We are here today, as non-Egyptians - but as friends of Egyptian people and of the Coptic Church to join with you in sympathy for the suffering of your people and solidarity in your pleas for justice.We rejoiced at the determined yet dignified manner in which the Egyptian people asserted their right to enjoy fundamental freedoms.


USCIRF Calls for Justice after Deadly Religious Violence in Egypt  

May 10, 2011


WASHINGTON, DC – In response to deadly religious violence in Egypt over the weekend, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) is calling on the Egyptian government to conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that the perpetrators of the violence are brought to justice in civilian, not military, courts, something that has been elusive in Egypt in previous attacks on religious minorities which continues to foster an atmosphere of impunity.    
At least 12 Christians and Muslims were killed and more than 200 people were wounded as Islamist extremists attacked Christians at the St. Mina Church in the Imbaba district of Cairo.  Another church, the Church of the Virgin Mary, was burned to the ground by extremists and several Christian-owned shops were vandalized and looted.

Press Release


Peace in the Middle-East Inseparably Linked to Peace for the Coptic Christians of Egypt

August 14, 2009

Dear President Obama,

Your speech to the Islamic World from Cairo on June 4, 2009 was historic.  You were the first American President to identify and to address the plight of Egypt’s Coptic Christians by name.  Now you have the chance to translate your words into actions.

 A report to World Council of Human Rights  

The Middle East Christian Associations for human rights is a legal human rights organization registered in Canada, with registration number 1676036 for the year 2005, Files a case to the world Council of Human Right to suspend the Republic of Egypt’s membership to their reputable council,

Press release 

Al Kalema center for human rights condemn in the strongest terms the barbaric attacks that were carried out by the Egyptian army against Anba Beshouy monastery located in Natron Valley.

An Egyptian army consist of 7 armors personnel carriers accompanied by military police vehicles along with no less than 100 heavily armed soldiers raided the monastery in the morning of Feb. 23/2011 and committed the following:

1-    Demolish a small fence that was built to protect the monastery following the withdrawal of Egyptian police that was protecting the monastery , that fence was built based on an advice from the fleeing Egyptian police force and was built on a desert piece of land that the monastery have request to buy from the government.

مركز الكلمة لحقوق الانسان يندد بالقبض على محمد الدرينى الرئيس الاعلى لرعاية اّل البيت الشيعى فى مصر

 قامت قوات أمن الدولة بطابا بالقاء القبض علي محمد الدريني رئيس المجلس الاعلي لرعاية ال البيت وواحد من المتحدثين باسم شيعة مصر أثناء سفره للاردن،وقامت أمن الدولة بتحريز نسخ من كتابه عاصمة جهنم الذي كتبه فور خروجه من المعتقل وتم نشره مؤخرا ليتناول قضايا التعذيب في المعتقلات وحقيقة دور النظام المصري في تشكيل الجماعات الارهابية وحلها مرة أخري وهو الكتاب الذي جاء وبالا عليه حيث تلقي تهديدات صريحة وواضحة من ضباط أمن الدولة الذين وردت اسمائهم في الكتاب،وهو علي مايبدو ماتجلي في اعتقاله غير المبرر بعد خروجه بحوالي عام بعد قضائه فترة قاربت ال 15 شهرتنقل خلالها بين اربعة معتقلات،

وقد قام بتصال هاتفي بأكبر ابنائه أحمد اخبره فيه ان قيد الاحتجاز وفي رسالة اس ام اس وضح بعدها بقليل انه تم ترحيله لمقر امن الدولة في طابا وتحريز نسخ كتابه عاصمة جهنم، مؤكدا اعتقاده انه سيتعرض للتنكيل والتعذيب مرة اخري وأن هناك توصيات شديدة وشرسة بشأنه.

يتهم الدريني بصورة مباشرة وصريحة وزير الداخلية حبيب العادلي وضباط امن الدولة الذين اشرفوا علي عمليات تعذيبه السابقة والتي وصفها بالممنهجة،ويؤكد الدريني علي اتهامه للعادلي ذلك أنه تقدم بعدة بلاغات للنائب العام ضده بشأن تورط حبيب العادلي شخصيا في اصدار اوامر بالتعذيب المباشر له،وقد حصلنا علي تلك المعلومات بعد محادثته علي هاتفه المحمول.  


 مركز الكلمة لحقوق الانسان

Sample Image

مركز الكلمة لحقوق الانسان يدين( وبدون تحفظ)  الهجوم البربرى على كنيسة العذراء والانبا ابرام بعين شمس والذى قادة مجموعة من الغوغاء واسفر عن تحطيم الكنيسة واصابه عدد من الاقباط بجراح بزريعة انها غير مرخصة...

وهو تبرير غير منطقى ويعضد الارهابين اذ ليس من المتصور ان يوكل تنفيذ القانون لعامة الشعب والدهماء ويعرض هيبة الدولة وسلامها الاجتماعى للخطر...

PR Newswire: news distribution, targeting and monitoring 

Alarming Campaign of Incitement Against the Copts in Egypt

WASHINGTON, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --

Coptic Solidarity warned today that the recent campaign of intimidation and incitements targeting the Copts in Egypt is on the rise.

The Copts are the indigenous Christian Egyptians. They amount to 12-15% of Egypt's population, or about ten million people.

Above and beyond the never-ending and routine scenario of violence, discrimination, alienation, and persecution the Copts have endured, there has been an alarming upsurge of significant anti-Coptic activities over the recent weeks:



ANHRI calls the Egyptian authorities to

 listen to the economic, social demands of the citizens and meet them instead of

arresting the peaceful protesters who protest

Cairo, August 12, 2012
ANHRI calls the Egyptian authorities to meet the economic and social needs of the citizens and promote the communication between them and the Egyptian citizens who want to reap the fruits of their revolution. It calls also to ensure their right to freedom of expression and protest the mass of peaceful demonstration instead of arrest due to the exercise of the legitimate right to express their opinions.







Press Release

May 22, 2007
For More information contact:
Mounir Bishay Ph. (310) 641-3387 Fax (310) 641-3388 E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For photos from the scene visit:


Press Release For immediate release 

12th May 2007  

10 injured and 48 houses and 7 shops belong to Christians burned following turning a house to church in Behma, Ayat district in Egypt. 

Christians in Behma Village live a real hardship following the attack by Muslims on them, and the burning of 48 houses and shops belong to Christians. The attack following Christians turning an old house to a church, the building followed a long awaited acceptance from President Mubarak and the State Security Police. 

Press Release
April 10, 2013Christian
For more information,
contact:Mounir Bishay Ph. (310) 641- 3387
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A message to President Obama and the United States Congress
How many Coptic Egyptian Christians have to die before you take action?
What has been described as the Arab Spring has evolved into deadly seasons, especially for the original Christian inhabitants of these lands. The dictators who once ruled these countries are being replaced by militant Islamic regimes that are bent on cleansing their nations from all Christians.Not a day passes in Egypt without Christian homes, businesses and churches burnt to the ground.
Members of the Christian minority are wounded and killed.
It is common for their children to be kidnapped for ransom or for coerced conversion to Islam. In village after village, militant Muslims drive Christians from their homes and businesses, where they have lived for generations.

A recent atrocity in Egypt exemplifies violence unprecedented in modern history. On Sunday April 7, 2013, a funeral service was held at St Mark’s Coptic

United Copts of Great Britain

Press Release

For Immediate Release

13th October 2008

Contact:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Christians in Egypt are denied Justice by Islamist Judges

In two a surprise verdicts by Egyptian courts, justice for Christians has been dealt two severe blows within a two weeks period.

بيان بشأن قرية نزلة البدرمان
مركز الكلمة لحقوق الانسان

يتعرض أهالى نزلة بدرمان مركز دير مواس محافظة المنيا كل لحظة للقتل والبلطجة على يد بلطجية تقوم بحمايتهم عائلات مشهور عنه سوء السمعة وفرض الاتاوة وقد عادت الجزية للقرية بشكل رسمى بعد أن قامت عائلة على حسين بفرض إتاوات على العائلات المسيحية وقامت أيضا بإحتلال البيوت التى تم تهجيرها من أصحابها قسرا بعد عجزهم عن دفع هذه الجزية اوقد وصلت عده شكاوىعديدة لمركز الكلمة لحقوق الانسان تؤكد  أن الأهالى يعيشون فى رعب شديد خاصة بعد الغياب الأمنى منذ يوم 28 يناير الماضى حيث يتعرض العديد من الأهالى للترويع والتهديد بالقتل من قبل عائلة حسين على المشهور عنه  خطورته الاجرامية وفرض الأتاوات على الاقباط  كما تعرضت اسرة للتهجير القسرى وطردها من منزلها والاستيلاء على  المنزل بكل محتوياته من اثاث وملابس ومواشى ورغم تقدم اهالى القرية من الاقباط ببلاغات للجهات الامنية يوم 24 فبراير الجارى الا انها لم تلقى اى استجابه واحالوهم الى القوات المسلحة والتى لم تتدخل ايضا لحمايتهم وحماية ممتلكاتهم التى تتعرض للتخريب والنهب حتى الان ولا يزال الوضع متأزما للغاية
ممدوح نخلة
رئيس مجلس الامناء 

قرصنة أمنية غير مقبولة

يدين مركز الكلمة لحقوق الإنسان - وبدون تحفظ - التصرف الامنى اللا مسئول وذلك للقبض على سبعة شبان أقباط من بينهم أربعة خدام بالكنيسة بحجة إثارة الشغب والفتنة الطائفية حيث تم اعتقالهم رغم قرار النيابة العامة بالإفراج عنهم بضمان محال إقامتهم وذلك في أعقاب مؤامرة بين شخص يدعى / محمد عبد الرحيم عبد العليم والجهات الأمنية والذي أوهم أسرة الفتاة المختفية /دميانة جرجس - من محافظة الفيوم - في شهر أغسطس الماضي وقيل إنها أشهرت إسلامها وتزوجت من شاب مسلم وطلب منهم مبلغ عشرون ألف جنية اخذ منهم خمسة آلاف مقدما نظير أن يعلم أسرتها بمكان اختفاء ابنتهم المذكورة



بيان المنظمات القبطية بشأن الهجوم المسلح على الأقباط والأماكن المقدسة


تدين المنظمات القبطية وتشجب الاعتداءات الوحشية البربرية التي يتعرض لها دير أبو فانا الأثري بملوي بمحافظة المنيا في هذه الأيام علماً بأن هذه ليست المرة الأولى التي يتعرض لها الدير لمثل هذا الهجوم المسلح الغوغائي والوحشي الذي يرتكب نهاراً جهاراً تحت سمع وبصر وحماية رجال الأمن وكأن الدير كهدف حربي.
وقد أسفر هذا الاعتداء المسلح على دير أبو فانا عن إصابة أربعة رهبان بأعيرة نارية وخطف ثلاثة (الراهب إندراوس والراهب مكسيموس والراهب يوأنس) وقد أعيدا في اليوم التالي الرهبان الثلاثة المختطفون بعد تعذيبهم سحلهم وضربهم وإصابتهم بكسور في الجسم، وقد تم هذا الاعتداء المسلح بواسطة ما يقرب من ستين معتد حاملين أسلحة نارية. مما ترتب عليه إحداث أضرار جسيمة (سرقة المعدات وحرق وتدمير مزرعة الدير وحرق جرار...)


For Immediate Release

 26 November 2010


Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) has received updated information that hundreds of Copts were involved in Wednesday’s protest in Cairo’s Giza governorate, in which one man was killed and at least 60 were injured during clashes with an estimated 5,000 riot police. CSW initially reported that 150 Copts were involved.

In a comment to CSW, His Grace Bishop Angaelos of the Coptic Orthodox Church UK said, “We completely reject the use of violence. This is not in the nature of Coptic Christians. However, we believe the demonstration could have been policed in a much better manner and that the mishandling of the demonstration by the police force caused it to spiral out of control”.


For Immediate Release

11 April 2011


Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) is deeply concerned by an apparent slide towards repression in Egypt, following earlier democratic gains. Of particular concern are recent repressive actions by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and an upsurge in attacks by the Salafist movement against the country’s religious minorities.

The violent government crackdown in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Saturday 9 April, during which at least one protestor died and around 70 were injured, is the latest indication of a worrying trend that local observers have termed “counter-revolutionary”.

United Copts of Great Britain

Press Release

For Immediate Release

26th February 2010


Contact: info@unitedcopts. Tel +447976710729

On 6th January 2010, as they left the church after the Christmas Midnight Mass, six Copts were gunned down and killed in a drive-by shooting in Naga Hammadi, a town in southern Egypt.

6th January 2010, as they left the church after the Christmas Midnight Mass, six Copts were gunned down and killed in a drive-by shooting in Naga Hammadi, a town in southern Egypt.



Press Release


Deliberate killings of Christians in Egypt must be stopped. The perpetrators must be brought to justice. Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group, and Mario Mauro MEP

DAUL, JosephMAURO, Mario

"The EPP Group is shocked and appalled at the news of the killing of several Christians today who were protesting against the burning down of a church. Our thoughts and sympathies are with the families of the more than 10 people who have lost their lives today in the tragic clashes", said Joseph Daul MEP, Chairman of the EPP Group and Mario Mauro MEP in a joint statement on Wednesday evening.

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