Baroness Cox: Britain has 'been deeply infiltrated by radical Islam'

Yaakov Lappin

Baroness Caroline Cox, former deputy speaker of the House of Lords for 20 years, and author of " The West, Islam, and Islamism, " and Dr. John Marks, co-author of the book, are in Israel as guests of the Jerusalem Summit for a BESA Center conference on radical Islam being held at Bar-Ilan University.

Problems on hold

Shame on reconciliation!

Youssef Sidhom
The repercussions of the sectarian violence which erupted on Friday 11 May in the village of Bemha in Ayaat, Giza, are still reverberating around. That fateful Friday, a mosque imam’s call for jihad to defend Islam against the threat of the Christian villagers’ intention to build a church,

Thanking America - LEAKING Blood for Liberty ...
This Morning – Memorial Day week end … One of the bravest men in America called me and in his heavy accent wished me a Blessed Memorial Day … and he thanked America for the Blood she leaks and leaked for hundreds of years to create liberty.

Profile: Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal

Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal
Al-Faisal lost his appeal against deportation from the UK

Muslim cleric Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal, who has been deported from the UK to Jamaica, was jailed in 2003 for soliciting the murder of Jews and Hindus.

Cut America Some Slack

Victor Davis Hanson 

On a Lighter Note than Last Posting—Not 

For five years we have been lectured that George Bush ruined the trans-Atlantic relationship. But now we see pro-American governments in both France and Germany, and a radical change in attitudes from Denmark to Holland to Italy.

A rare look at secretive Brotherhood in America

Muslims divided on Brotherhood

A group aiming to create Islamic states worldwide has established roots here, in large part under the guidance of Egypt-born Ahmed Elkadi

Over the last 40 years, small groups of devout Muslim men have gathered in homes in U.S. cities to pray, memorize the Koran and discuss events of the day.



 Special Dispatch Series - No. 1587                       May 16, 2007


Egyptian Muslim Intellectual Criticizes Egypt's Treatment of Copts

Against the backdrop of the recent tension between Muslims and Copts in Egypt, Egyptian Muslim intellectual Tarek Heggy wrote an article titled "If I Were a Copt" in which he sharply criticized the Egyptian regime's policy towards its Coptic Christian population.

How Britain Encouraged Radicalism And Terrorism - Part Four of Four

By Adrian Morgan

 Britain has long had a policy of accepting "asylum seekers" onto its shores. A noble policy in principle, it has allowed Islamists who are too extreme for their own Islamic countries to arrive and thrive. Within Britain, these individuals have been allowed to continue preaching their extremism, with little or no interference from the authorities.

Envoy offers insults over facts

Re: “Egypt guarantees freedom to practice your faith”, May 7. 


In his personal attack on me, Egyptian Ambassador Mahmoud El-Saeed has denied the immense amount of work done by the United Nations, Amnesty International, and the Canadian government in verifying my story and bringing me to Canada. My story speaks for itself; I have nothing to prove.


Radical Islam -- Ideology, Not Religion
The dramatic events of the last few years have made it plain that the West is in a fight for its life. The terrorist attacks on New York, Washington, Madrid and London have demonstrated with ample clarity the enemy’s commitment to his stated goal of our destruction.
The situation could not indeed be more dire, since never before have we faced a foe so dogged and fanatical. Whether we want to admit it or not we are in a war to the death, for the enemy will not relent until he either accomplishes his objective or is himself destroyed in the effort. Given the stakes, it is vitally important that we understand who this enemy is, because only then we’ll be in a position to formulate an effective strategy for the struggle ahead.

Is American Foreign Policy Responsible for 9/11? 

Ryan Mauro  

After the attacks of September the 11th, many questioned, “Why do they hate us?” While any deliberate attack on innocent civilians is deplorable, it is important to find the cause of radical Islamic terrorism.

The real darkness at the heart of Islamist terror



Listen to any Radio 4 discussion on what motivates terrorists, and the same consensus is usually reached – it’s foreign policy, stupid. Bush and Blair, Iraq and Afghanistan, the West’s misguided interventions in the Muslim world, that’s what inflames young hearts with righteous anger, an anger which our leaders have allowed to become a killing rage.   

Al-Ahram Weekly Online

'Fraud, not freedom'

Ahram Weekly 

An Administrative Court ruling prohibiting Copts who had converted to Islam from returning -- officially at least -- to their original faith has provoked uproar, reports Gihan Shahine

Ricciardone’s Copt-Out, a response to Egypt Ambassador

Since the unexpectedly strong showing by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s parliamentary elections in late 2005—and other rough seas that President Bush’s policies encountered in Iraq and Palestine—the administration has pulled in its horns on the promotion of democracy in the Middle East. Tactical retreats are not tantamount to an abandonment of policy, but apparently no one has told this to the U.S. ambassador to Egypt, Frances Ricciardone. In recent public comments Ricciardone has gone out of his way to excuse and cover up some of the most serious violations of democracy and human rights in Egypt.

The persecuted


The Ottawa Citizen

Saturday, April 28, 2007 

The current disarray among Canada's refugee officials may be causing drastic slip-ups, if two cases of Coptic Christians seeking asylum here are any indication. 

Centuries of Struggle for Survival of Coptic Language 

 Watani Elhamy Khalil 

Recent work on ancient manuscripts examines the stages of this extraordinary language shift 

The picture shows:At a public lecture in Coptic studies at UCLA on 23 February: From left, front row: Mr Hany Takla, president of St Shenouda Society; Dr Arietta Papaconstantinou, the lecturer; and Dr Claudia Rapp, professor of history at UCLA. Back row: Dr Gawdat Gabra, visiting professor of Coptic studies at Claremont Graduate University; and Dr Jacco Dieleman, assistant professor of Egyptology at UCLA.  

How a British jihadi saw the light. Experince from Saudi Arabia 

The Times 

Ed Hussain, once a proponent of radical Islam in London, tells how his time as a teacher in Saudi Arabia led him to turn against extremismDuring our first two months in Jeddah, Faye and I relished our new and luxurious lifestyle: a shiny jeep, two swimming pools, domestic help, and a tax-free salary. The luxury of living in a modern city with a developed infrastructure cocooned me from the frightful reality of life in Saudi Arabia.  


Problems on hold. Reinstituting legality

Youssef Sidhom 

Last December I had met Mustafa al-Fiqi, who heads the foreign relations committee of the People’s Assembly, several times. The meetings came within the framework of a group effort to condense a vision of the then aspired Constitutional amendments and, by mere coincidence, followed a Watani editorial printed on 17 December.

Radical Islam goes to Oxford

MI5 says UK turning blind eye to crisis in universities

By Gordon Thomas

LONDON — In his first report to Downing Street, Jonathan Evans, the new MI5 chief, has strongly denied claims by Higher Education Minister Bill Ramell that “the problem of Islamic extremism in UK universities is not widespread.”

Radical Islam: ministers get the message 

New Statesman 

 Attitudes about how to deal with radical Islam are now shifting so quickly within Whitehall that it is hard to keep up.  

The detailed announcement from Ruth Kelly, the Communities and Local Government Secretary, on how she will spend £5m on grass-roots hearts and minds projects is a genuine break with the recent past, when ministers preferred to fund self-appointed national representatives of Islam such as the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) rather than those working on the ground with young people.

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